no signal

  1. G

    GPU leading to No Signal Monitor

    I just recently built a PC and it worked great. The monitor worked fine and displayed the screen with all the specs and stuff because I didn't have windows 10 at the time. I just got the windows 10 USB in the mail today as well as a GPU because they were previously out of stock. I put in the GPU...
  2. ljcollin

    CPU light on mobo, no signal

    Had some ram spare from an old build, tried to install it into my pc. Seemed okay, got into the BIOS and everything seemed normal - the new sticks were recognised. went to restart, and the cpu light is on my motherboard, fans spinning but no signal to monitor. have tried removing the new ram...
  3. Ralkin

    No signal display on monitor!

    When I turn on the computer the monitor shows "No signal" even though I turned on the CPU. I checked the cable if the monitor is plugged in the CPU correctly and still the same thing happened. This is the sequence of what the monitor would display → AOC logo (AOC is the brand of our monitor) →...
  4. P

    Monitors displaying no signal on gaming PC build

    I recently built a gaming PC where I assembled everything and turned it on. All the fans and lights are working but for some reason, both monitors say no signal (1 DP and 1 HDMI). They are plugged into the GPU into the correct spots and the gpu fans are running so I am not sure how to proceed...
  5. P

    Old computer showing no signal when I try to plug in

    I decided to check out our old family computer, an emachine ET1331G-03w and when i went to plug it in to my monitor, it showed no signal. I changed the cord multiple times, changed from my monitor to my TV and still no signal. I've used this cord before so I know it works. Not sure what to do...
  6. K

    Display Port no signal

    Hello, so i have this problem with my brand new 1660 ti, so the problem is that my second monitor wont get signal from the GPUs DisplayPort connection. Monitor, DP cable and the GPU is brand new. Ive done some research and i saw that many people have that have the same problem with the Nvidia...
  7. donutBusters

    iiyama monitor no signal issue

    I plugged my iiyama g-master ge2488hs into HDMI to use with my ps4 i plug it back into VGA and now it says no signal every time I turn it on
  8. C

    Pc has no signal until I switch the psu on and off

    Pc turns on and shows the motherboard logo then goes to no signal on the monitor. The only way to get the pc to have a signal is to switch the psu off then back on and turn on the pc with the power button then it boots up fine but slower.
  9. D

    PC wont boot properly??

    Hey guys, I am having issues with a computer I just built, it doesn't boot properly when first pressing the power button. It turns on, displays a signal on my monitor with the spinning circle dots (which I believe is Windows), and then goes black again, I wait and then my monitor tells me no...
  10. F

    Pc USB ports and Display not working rest all operational

    I recently got a new power supply because my old one fried in a power surge I got a rm 850x now and it booted my computer all good except from no display to monitors and no USB ports working could it be my MoBo? Has it fried or messed up I tried cmos and cleaning parts but nothing fully starts...
  11. J

    Solved No Signal Detected

    Hello. Please help me, I just upgraded my Operating System to Windows 10 in a Tech Shop. After upgraded I went home and check my new operating system. After I connected all the things/wires/cables, my monitor says no Signal detected and the cpu is ON. Please help me what to do. I'm using 2 End VGA.
  12. J

    Solved New graphic card, no feed

    PSU: 500B CPU: I5-6600K GPU: RTX 2070 (GIGABYTE) 1x8 GB RAM 1TB SATA 7.2K Western Digital 144hz Acer gaming monitor 60hz Acer regular monitor H170 Gaming-3 Motherboard Hello I just got a refurbished rtx2070 from Amazon and I was really excited to try it out but to my surprise: there are no...
  13. D

    Wierd no post

    So i built a new gaming pc for my brother. However it doesn't boot(no post) but the wierd thing is that sometimes it boots but only when the psu is outside of the case or if the whole computer is outside basically no case at all but everything else is there. Whenever I put everything inside the...
  14. I

    Monitor won't display antything

    Im not really a computer savvy person I’m just looking for help. I just bought a pc and plugged in with my TV with HDMI chords which worked and when I switched to a monitor it didn’t display. Sapphire NITRO RADEON RX580, 8GB GDDR5, 256 Bit Intel Core i3-4130 I couldn t find the motherboard
  15. L

    PC not connecting to either TV or monitor

    I have been using my lenovo pc now via my TV for months now with no issues... Via hdmi but today I turn it on and it says no signal? I have also tried connecting back to its old monitor but that is also not getting any signal, my laptop works fine when connecting via the hdmi, so it must be...
  16. H

    Solved Monitor, Mouse and Keyboard not connecting to PC

    While using my PC last night my monitor froze and and neither my mouse or keyboard were responding. I held down the power button then went to sleep. This morning I tried turning it on and received a no signal message on the screen as well as no lights on my keyboard and mouse turning on. All...
  17. R

    Solved monitor "no signal" when connected to the pc via dvi

    my friend has a pc, but when he connected the dvi cable (18 +1) to the gpu (ichill gtx 1060 6gb) the monitor displays "no signal". its weird because when he connects the cable to the motherboard (cpu has integrated graphics), it boots up, and has no problems (except for poor performance of...
  18. E

    Monitor displays ”no signal”

    my aoc monitor isnt working as it should I turn on my pc that is in perfect condition and every other time I plug the monitor or pc in after taking the plugs out for various reasons the monitor displays “no signal” and I’ve been at it for hours trying to fix it but nothing. This is the second or...
  19. U

    New PC Build Doesn’t Provide Any Signal To Monitor

    So I recently built a new PC and when it boots the fans and RGB all turn on and the CPU cooler and GPU fans turn on, but it will to not display anything on my monitor. I have tried plugging in several different types of cables and I also made sure every Mobo cable is tight and secure. My specs...
  20. W

    AOC G2460V monitor no signal

    Hey everyone! First off I need to say that if this isn't allowed on this forum, mods are free to remove it (duh). I have an AOC G2460V monitor for my stationary PC. Both the PC and the monitor are 1.5 years old. It's always worked perfectly, but yesterday I moved my setup and now it's not...