1. N

    Shorted (?) My PC

    Hello! I think I killed my PC. That's a little dramatic but I have never had something like this hapoen before and I am very stressed about it. I think I may have shorted it but I also don't know exactly what that means. Details below. I have this old external cd drive that I was trying to...
  2. H

    Computer freezes up

    Hi guys! o_O(y):cry: Just created an account and i'm making this post just to know where is the topic that i can ask for some software problems! I will explain the problem: when i try to turn on the computer it runs normal and appears the log in screen, i log in and when the system is...
  3. N

    Advise on Buying a new laptop! Help

    Hi I'm a total newbie to the world of technology and I'm about to spend some money on a laptop! I'm a music production guy and I am looking to get something for that purpose only. My current knowledge of CPU , RAM , GPU is really limited.. So i all i look for the how high the numbers are. Ex...
  4. T

    Ping Spikes every 30 seconds on the dot

    So, as far as technology goes, I'm pretty clueless. I'm alright at using it for day-to-day activities, but I know very little about how any of it really works. Because of this, I am really unsure why my wifi is acting up. It could be a very simple computer problem or a problem with the ISP, I...
  5. G

    can someone help me install sourcebans on my gameserver?

    i just got a DoD source server, and i really want this sourcebans thing to work on my server, i also have a web domain, if someone could explain, or even bether do it for me that would me awesome
  6. Pyro892

    Help getting exp

    Hello. I am relatively new to computer hardware, DIY ,and Computer repair. This is really due to the lack of a desktop computer and the money to spend if i screwed up my laptop. However I have always been interested in the technology but never found the motivation to research it more because i...
  7. O

    How can I connect to a WIFI network on Windows XP?

    I recently bought a Windows 7 Gateway computer, but was unaware that Windows XP was installed. Now, I am having trouble connecting to my network whether it be through WIFI or Ethernet cable.
  8. P

    New pc problems

    So, this was my first time making a gaming computer and when i got it all up and running ... It would freeze than crash. I asked around and someone told me that my power supple (750w) wasnt going to cut it since my graphics card takes that alone. So i went and spent roughly 250 on a 1300w...
  9. H

    Internet Connection Problems

    To start off, let me say that I'm a complete and utter noob to technical things. Sure I know how to install programs, use Windows Explorer, and use the control panel; but I'm entirely lost on most other things. It doesn't help that I grew up with a Mac. Also I'm a high school student, so I don't...