1. H

    Amazon locked scam question

    Amazon Locked scam question I recently accidentally clicked on a Amazon scam email that claimed that I was locked out of my account. Upon later inspection I realized that the message claimed to need my account info, and credit card info; but at the time i had been too hasty. however the link...
  2. P

    Solved I Think that Norton Power Eraser may have Harmed my PC

    I used NPE and it detected something in my registry that needed fixing. After the process was finished, my computer started running real slow. I screened the results. Is my computer sick? Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro, 64 bit...
  3. bobzani

    Security software

    I'd like some opinions on what's the best PC security software for 2018. I've used Norton 360 for 5 yrs., it's now replaced with Norton Security. Should I stick with it or go with another one(one PC only).
  4. D

    How To Cancel Norton Antivirus Subscription And Get Money

    I want to cancel Norton antivirus subscription and get money back. How to do that?
  5. frankie17

    Solved Switching from Norton to Kaspersky...please help!

    Hello, i honestly need honesty answers. I been using Norton Security for years and seems ok. But i was watching some videos on YouTube about Kaspersky having better results than Norton. Is worth switching from Norton to Kaspersky? and why? :)