not able to boot

  1. RoadsideAssasin16

    CPU turning on but not booting

    I have an intel pentium 4 cpu which when turned on the led on motherboard glows,the cpu fan spins , the smps fan turns on but it won’t boot. No display on monitor, no light on mouse. I’ve tried cleaning the ram sticks but it won’t start. What could’ve gone wrong?
  2. H

    No Bootable device-insert boot disk and press any key

    I have a toshiba satellite l50-c-1xq and am worried if I have to buy a new Rom or boot up devises please can I have any help or part recommendations to fix this issue
  3. SORAM

    Samsung Laptop Won't Boot with USB or CD 0xc000000f error

    I am using a Samsung xe700t-a05us and got an 0xc000000f error. IT WILL NOT BOOT USING ANY METHOD. When selecting the Recovery Option from error screen it reboots to the error message. Recovery Partition and Troubleshooting options do the same. When booting from a bootable USB with Windows 10...
  4. J

    IPhone 7 won't start

    My iPhone 7 has been switching from the low battery screen to the apple logo screen for quite some time now. It was charging for the whole night, and it says it's low battery. There was nothing wrong with the battery before. I've tried the volume down button and the side button. Even the hair...
  5. BeigeGalaxy

    PC turns on for a brief moment then shuts down

    Hi, I have been running into a problem with my PC for 2 days now. Whenever I try to torn it on, all the leds light up, but only for a brief moment, then the PC shuts down. I got it to turn on and run just fine after unplugging all the cables (usb, hdmi, display port and psu cable), then only...
  6. M

    RAM issues

    Hello! I've recently bought a DDR3 stick of 4GB RAM for my PC (yes I know it's outdated), but when I plugged it in and tried to turn my pc on, it didn't want to turn on completely, the lights and fans would go on for a couple of seconds and then off and just do that indefinitely. I already had 2...