not booting properly

  1. L7kemckenna

    PC crashing completely turning off randomly

    Hello, just wondering if anyone could help me with something, so I built a new pc out of the parts I bought online, specifically a i3 2120 with a gt 1030 and a motherboard that has socket 1155, with 8gb of ram that came with the motherboard. The problem is when I boot the pc with my harddrive...
  2. D

    First Time Build, Windows 10 Install issue

    I built my first computer. Seem to be having issues getting Windows 10 installed. I have tried so many different settings in the BIOS. I have booted from both the USB port and the SATA connected optical drive. It gets stuck on either the Gigabyte logo screen or the WIndows blue logo screen (no...
  3. K

    Disabled core processors and now computer won't start up

    Hi, I was very very dumb and went into my msconfig file and unchecked the cores box and restarted. I read on a forum that I had to uncheck it and restart so that my computer is forced to relocate my cores or something and yea, didn't go well :/ I was trying to enable all four of my cores...