not booting up

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    Can't boot up with new GPU

    Trying to upgrade my PC and when hooking up my new MSI Nvidia gtx 1060 gaming GPU I get stuck on a splash screen. I downloaded the drivers before but I get no response so I'm assuming it's a hardware compatibly issue? Running with a couple older parts so I wouldn't be surprised. Mobo: pegatron...
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    New Smiley face virus?

    This is a Mac but I'm running Windows 10 on it when I boot it up with the Mac is its fine but when I boot up Windows 10 hardrive it shows a smiley face on the top right corner and random white rectangles
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    Solved Windows 10 not booting up

    I have a Lenovo Z40 laptop with a SSHD hard drive, Windows 10. Bought it with Windows 8 in late 2014 and upgraded to Windows 10. It has crashed and is not booting up. It's possible there's a hard drive failure, I heard some noises when starting it when it crashed. Now when I try to boot it up...