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  1. C

    Motherboard not detecting my cpu

    hey, I’m building my first pc and I have everything hooked up and the only thing keeping me from being an epic gamer is the fact that my motherboard (msi b450 gaming plus) isn’t detecting my cpu (ryzen 5 2600x) what do I do?
  2. L

    External Hard-drive Issue

    So I have an external hard drive and I connected to my laptop using my USB port. The computer is reading it, saying it's there when I look up in my disc management, but when I try to transfer my photos and videos, I can't see it under the "Computer" tab. I have tried updating the driver and...
  3. SciTechPOKE

    Laptop does not detect monitors (Windows 10)

    Hello. I am having troubles having my laptop connect to my other 2 monitors. I have an HDMI to VGA connected to one monitor (Proview 900w 19in), and a USB to VGA connected to another monitor (Dell E176FP). When I go to my display settings, my Laptop says it cant detect any other displays...
  4. J

    Nvidia GTX960m not detected at all

    6 months ago i went to the US for vacation and bought an asus K501UW laptop with Nvidia gtx960M, as i work on my desktop, never used it a lot. Today i've tried to run a game and it says i need a better GPU, when i cheked dxdiag, Intel graphics was detected as display adapter. Nvidia control...