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    Laptop Not Working

    Hello, recently I have reset my laptop, because of all the bugs and viruses I have been receiving, but the reset didn't go through. I am now stuck with the "ASUS In Search Of Incredible" screen, and it keeps flickering from this screen to a black screen. I can not reset it again because there is...
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    Toshiba 1TB Hard drive stopped working on mac

    Hi there, sorry in advance for anything in this post that may sound silly or unclear as i am not tech savy, and this is the first time I've ever posted on one of these forums but its an emergency and i'd appreciate all the help i could get! So i have this 1tb toshiba external hard drive that...
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    No Internet connection ERR_PROXY_CONNECTION_FAILED

    Hey I am using windows 10 pro. as a browser I am using chrome. the problem is when i open some websites it shows error like this. though when i open techguy, google, facebook or youtube it works perfectly but some other websites such as or it shows this above...
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    Thunderbird Not Displaying Remote Images - FINALLY Solved!

    I have been tolerating this issue for years, and today, after wasting about 6 hours in investigation and testing, Thunderbird is now displaying external images "inline". I tried all of the suggestions found across the net, and nothing worked. Nada. Nope. Frustrating! Then I decided to think...