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    Disk Clean up gone bad: ordinal not found/nothing downloads

    Hello, My hp computer (Windows 7) was running slowly and randomly freezing and I did a disk cleanup. For the cleanup I removed all the things that were suggested (about 12GB of material). The computer works quickly now but has a bunch of new problems. Every time I turn it on I get about 20...
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    Can't enter BIOS and can't enter Windows

    Hey all, my cousin dropped off her laptop (Acer aspire V5-571 series) with a problem. when she booted up the PC it gave a message "Operating system not found", after a quick google search i found that if i boot from a USB installer and repair the PC, or go into bios and change the HDD location...
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    Hard drive not installed

    Hello, I would like some help for my predicament. My issue is after installing windows 10 fresh, was able to update and whatnot and left it in sleep mode. Afterwards the morning after my laptop blue screened and did a infinite reboot cycle. I did dell diagnostics test and got the error hard...
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    Webcam(s) installed + working, not found.

    Hello, I have a dell XPS L702x laptop, and up until recently everything worked well (Win7 SP1). My problem is that something has changed, so that now programs like skype can't find a webcam attached. I ran Dell diagnostics and both the inbuilt webcam and the new Logitech c930e HD (USB) camera...