not loading

  1. S

    Can Someone help me?

    I have an old HP computer and for some reason, it's not even loading. have a look. Someone, please help
  2. Ovivtopher

    Solved All browsers have stopped working - Internet connection OK

    System: HP Desktop running Windows 10 Home Version 1709, Build 16299.125, x64based – Last update from December 17, 2017 (The desktop is about 18 months to 2 years old) Background: Internet connection has been dropping out inconsistently on this PC over the past couple of months and I often...
  3. hborkowski

    DNS Error Wont Let Me Access Google Websites

    Hi, I am currently running Windows 10 Home Edition. A few days ago, I started having the issue that I could not access any google websites via any web browsers. This means google searches, google maps, and google mail, etc. Whenever I try to visit these page, I get a DNS errorI have tried...