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  1. Feelip

    Windows icon and apps not working

    So, I recently re-installed my windows and I have alot of issues that I need help with. One is that the windows icon in the bottom left corner isnt responding when I press it. Also when I rightclick it and press settings or whatever other app there its also not responding. When I press settings...
  2. T

    Word and Excel “not responding” when using laptop remotely

    Hello- I have a recurring issue that when I work remote using my HP laptop (remoted in to my office network or not). Every time I work in excel or word these files will become unresponsive. They are not large files. I have also tried working off my desktop and not remote in to the network, but...
  3. C

    Samsung galaxy tab 10. 1 apps not respondin

    So as ov yesterday my Samsung galaxy tablet 10.1 isn't working rite, the apps like chrome, play store, Google earth all not responding, u press on it & it looks like its loading it but then throws up a box saying ( earth isn't responding do u want to close it with options to report, wait or OK...
  4. C

    SD not working not able to format

    I have an Micro SD Card 32 GB its not working. I am unable to format it because as soon as I insert it in any device, the device freezes..need help how can I make it work again
  5. F

    HDD 100% usage issue, will a new HDD solve?

    Hi guys, I am having an issue with a computer I recently got. It randomly spikes the disk usage to 100% and locks up the computer for a few seconds to a minute sometimes. Sometimes it will do it when using something simple like Chrome, but it does it very frequently when trying to play a game...
  6. W

    Game and Programs "Not Responding" Randomly

    Specifications Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Home, 64 bit Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-8400 CPU @ 2.80GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 158 Stepping 10 Processor Count: 6 RAM: 4032 Mb Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB, -1 Mb Hard...
  7. F

    Solved (Not Responding) non-repsonsive script or plugin

    Sometimes I get the box telling me if it is the script or plugin, and lately it doesn't - it just hangs with (Not Responding) up at the top. It can stay that way for hours till I end the program. Windows XP Home SP3,(it won't take SP4) This was a clean install just this spring. Using Firefox...
  8. M

    High RAM and disc usage, low performance

    Hi everyone, I have some problems with my relatively new dell laptop (4 months old, and the problems are present for like 3 months), which include: Very high RAM usage: 80% when only Microsoft Edge is turned on. Very high Disc usage: 100% almost at all times Low performance in games (the laptop...
  9. F

    Chrome crashes and creates unclosable background processes

    Chrome tends to do this thing where it stops responding, and becomes a black screen and all I can do is close it. After closing it, it creates a background process that I cannot close in Task Manager. I've also tried closing it through the command prompt, but it tells me that the process does...
  10. computerkid99

    Asus transformer t100 internet not responding

    For a few weeks now the Internet and Internet related apps have displayed the 'not responding' message on our Asus transformer t100. It is not to do with our Internet as other devices work. We have taken it to the local computer specialist a few times now who fiddles with it and it works for a...
  11. M

    Is it a simple conflict? Windows 10 bug? Virus? Malware??

    I took my computer to Microsoft, and they did a clean install of Win1o. Worked fine for a few days, and now is lagging, hanging and running really wonky. My apps, programs and internet are all lagging way behind and I repeatedly get "not responding" when I open a program (MSWord) or try to...
  12. 7

    Windows File Explorer Issues!

    Hello! So for the past couple months I have been having this annoying as heck issue. If I right click in file explorer or try to open something in file explorer or even sometimes just clicking in general, ythe program will stop responding. And it will never respond again. My only option is to...
  13. N

    Word Not Responding - mail merge (edit individual letters)

    HELP! We operate Windows 7. Every week (for years without incident) I complete a mail merge from a word template linked to an excel spreadsheet however, for some very strange reason today when I get to the end of the merge and click 'edit individual letters' it immediately says either not...
  14. O

    All programs not responding shortly after startup (vista)

    Just recently, when I start my computer up regularly (in normal mode), it would run for a short time then everything would get hung up and stop responding. (Particularly with Microsoft Word 2010 and Firefox, but everything gets caught up when I try using it too after trying other programs). Also...
  15. H

    Constant "Not Responding"

    There are quite a few programs I am unable to use due to them not responding and then crashing. File Explorer, some pc games, windows start search, and a few others. I'll try and open/run a program such as those listed before, and they'll go into "Not Responding" and then a few minutes of...
  16. S

    The brightness control is not responding.

    I have a hp 15 ac-083tx laptop running on windows 8.1. few days ago my brightness controller stopped responding, even on changing the power options the brightness doesn't change. Once i had updated few of my drivers including the graphics and other like bios synaptics etc. The brightness control...