not running

  1. BunnyboyCarrot

    "The Diagnostics Policy Service is not running"

    Hello, last week I was wanting to print something, but the PC was not connecting to the WiFI Printer. At this time I was watching a video and Having WiFi without problem. I then restarted the computer, wich left me with WiFi (there is no yellw exclamation mark) but I couldn't get connected to...
  2. C

    Solved only works in safe mode

    so my boss gave my husband a couple computers that won't start correctly. One of them only runs in safe mode and my internet connection does not work on it. I tried system restore but I am unable to access it. It keeps saying I need to run in normal mode to turn system restore on but I can only...
  3. M

    some games don't start.

    hello everyone. I have a problem with my laptop, that when I try to run some games like ( battlefield 3 , Metal Gear V ) it doesn't run at all. no windows prompt or error. it just shows in processes list for few seconds and disappear. please help I'm using: --------- overview: Radeon Software...