not secure

  1. TDMoor

    Solved Connection Not Private For Only

    Hello everyone, I've been struggling with a problem since 20 Jan '21. Every time I try to visit, I receive the "NET::ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID" error. When I dig deeper, visiting seems to want to redirect me to (I live in the country Georgia, far away from...
  2. Soaper79

    In Progress LinkedIn,Facebook,Microsoft,Email Hacked + asuss06 problem+

    I received emails from LinkedIn, Facebook. Microsoft to update either just my password or password and user id both, just click the link. Went to LinkedIn and verified my information and asked them about what had happened, they emailed me and said there was suspicious activity concerning my...
  3. P

    some of the sites i visit are no longer http protected

    some of the sites i visit , and i dont mean porn or likewise , are no longer http protected it comes with an i at the start of the address and says not secure , im at wits end and have no where to turn , please someone must know whats going on?
  4. S

    Not a Private connection?

    I'm trying to go to but it keeps telling me my connection isn't private or secure, It started happening yesterday and it's frustrating because I need to get into my email. Anyone who can help? It's not a problem with my date and time either, even though it is an hour ahead all the...