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    explorer.exe will not initialize upon boot

    Hello, I'm in a strange situation where when I logon to Windows 7, explorer.exe does not initialize. There is only a black screen and a CMD window, and I have to actually enter explorer.exe into the CMD window for Windows to finish booting. I'm not sure why this is happening. I actually...
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    CPU not recieving power

    A few days ago my computer wouldn’t start up at all, so I opened it up and messed around and figured that my PSU was probably burnt out. So I ordered a brand new one and tested it with just the 24 pin and 4 pin cpu connectors. Still not a single noise, so I’m assuming the CPU is the problem. Is...
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    Dell inspiron 545 Not booting up

    Hello, First of all thank you for any help in advnace. My computer dell inspiron is not starting up. it has a green light in the back when the cord is plugged in. Before when i pressed the power button It would blink a amber light and start up after 5 seconds of holding, whic was really...
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    PC won't start when PCI card (TL-WDN4800) installed

    When I try to boot it up with the card installed, I get nothing, maybe a little twitch of the fans if I'm lucky. But after taking it out, my computer works fine again. I googled it and it said to install the drivers first, however the website and the CD both won't let me do it if the card...