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  1. Feelip

    Windows icon and apps not working

    So, I recently re-installed my windows and I have alot of issues that I need help with. One is that the windows icon in the bottom left corner isnt responding when I press it. Also when I rightclick it and press settings or whatever other app there its also not responding. When I press settings...
  2. natalia.12

    Usb bootable device not working

    Both of my hard drives are gone but I have a WD blue ssd 250gb. I am trying to setup media creation tool windows 10 with a usb. My pc recognizes my usb and i have it on boot priority in BIOS utility. but when i “save and exit” it just reroutes me back to BIOS utility instead of setting up. I...
  3. M

    webcam on my lenovo yoga

    Hello everyone I have tried everything now and my camera on my lenovo yoga 710 is not working. it only show "we cannot find your camera", and i have tried with driver updates, resetting the camera, reinstalling simply everything but it does not work, pleease help i am a desperate guy from DK
  4. K

    Laptop wont turn on

    My hp pavilion is not turning on
  5. Y

    Computer Not Staying On

    I’ve had a gaming PC for about a year and I’ve had issues with it until about a month ago. It shuts off after staying on for about a minute and then won’t turn back on for several days. The longest it’s been on is about 30 minutes, which I used to try and fix the issue, but it shut off again...
  6. W

    Mouse not working

    My mouse is apprently my DVI which is needed for my moniter to start and reach the signal. But my mouse is not lighting up/ turning on. It's connected via USB and i hard resetted my pc already and plug it into different USB ports. Yet there is no sign of it working whatsoever, apparently my...
  7. D

    144hz monitor not working

    I have an RTX 2070 and it only has display ports and an HDMI cable, however, my monitor, which is an Acer GN246HL only has a DVI-D and an HDMI. I am currently trying a display port to DVI-D but it still won't show the option to enable 144hz. I have all of the most recent drivers and I do not...
  8. J

    I have a windows 10 audio problem

    I'm having a issue with my audio in windows 10. This is truly a odd problem all my audio except discord is quiet its not discord i uninstalled it to check i was just using my pc as normal when i woke up turned it on and relised the audio was quiet like 20% quieter i've try'ed everything even...
  9. W

    Hard drive not detected

    My HP Pavilion i5 8th gen (Windows 10) gave SMART ERROR for Internal Hard Disk and after few days computer was not able to detect the HDD. Now the computer won't start and shows Boot Device Not Found 3F0 error When I go in diagnostics for HDD it says check whether the cable are attached properly...
  10. T

    Access Internal Storage without the laptop working

    Okay i know from the start every Computer and Laptop is probably unique but my laptop wont boot up anymore but i still have a pc in my house is there any way that i can access the Internal Storage from my Laptop to retrieve some files without paying my local tech guy like 200 bucks...
  11. D

    PC Not Turning On

    hi everyone, I finished building my pc a week ago but the pc didn’t turn on. When I plugged the power supply into another computer it worked so I assumed the mobo was a problem so I got a replacement. I installed the new mobo but I’m still having the same problem. The pc doesn’t turn on, no...
  12. E

    Epic Launcher downloading the whole fortnite again

    Hey, So I just downloaded season x of fortnite and it wasn't working so I waited and it said I needed another update I checked everything I could and there's no update so I transferred my files to another hard drive to see if that works and it isn't recognising anything. Anyone know why?
  13. Z

    Blue Snowball iCE not being recognized

    i just bought a blue snowball ice and when i tried to plug it in to my computer, nothing pops up. Its a brand new microphone. Can i get some help please?
  14. A

    iphone xr speaker not working

    so my iphone xr was in water today so to make sure all the water is out i just sucked the to speaker and now it is not working so please help me will it get fixed with time or can i do something on my own
  15. Z

    No internet when I use wifi adapter in my PC as a WiFi hotsp

    Hi, I would like to use my wireless adapter as a wifi hotspot to share the internet from my PC(connected to internet via ethernet cable) to my mobile devices but when i connect to the virtual wifi there is no internet. The only way I would be able to get internet on the virtual wifi is to change...
  16. G

    Laptop not working

    I have a HP laptop and one day I noticed that the fan was making noise. The laptop has 2 fans, so I opened up the laptop and I unplugged one of the fans and I switch them, because the primary fan was the one that was making a lot of noise. So I used a laptop for a few days for light tasks, as I...
  17. J

    Fullscreen issues

    When I try to play videos on fullscreen mode via youtube, netflix, hulu. It just won't let me I have tried everything. Plz help.
  18. T

    Dual Monitor with a laptop not working

    I have an Asus rog gl 552 vw laptop which has an HDMI port to connect an external monitor. I have two monitors and want to connect those with my laptop. I have brought an HDMI splitter which only duplicates the display. So, then I brought a USB c to HDMI adapter. I connected one of my monitor...
  19. S

    Samsung Laptop Not Working

    Hey Tech Community! About a year ago, my Samsung Series 7 Chronos Laptop (specs below) suddenly died. My first thought was that it was overheating... as the laptop has a problem with overheating for everyone! However, when I came back after 5 minutes to start it up again it failed to even light...
  20. F

    Solved Moniter has "no signal"

    I'm using a old computer that uses VGA cable and a moniter that uses a HDMI, so I got a cable that allows VGA to be connected to a HDMI cable, but when I connected everything, the moniter says "no signal" any help?