1. A

    Notebook turning on without the charger

    Hello guys, I would like to know if anyone could help me with this problem: My notebook started to be turned off after disconnecting the charger, and it also does not turn on without the charger (when it tries to turn on the green battery led it keeps flashing), what I did recently was just...
  2. Amttrak

    Dell G3 3579 charging issue

    My G3 3579 has recently developed a charging issue, in that it flickers from not detecting a charger, to “plugged in, not charging”. I’ve tried changing the charging settings etc., diagnostics show no issues, same problem with new battery new charger and new power jack, but nothing works, can...
  3. A

    Boot Device Not Found Hard Disk (3F0)

    Hi! I am using a Notebook HP Model 15ay065nr Windows 10. My laptop says: Boot Device Not Found Please install a operating system on your hard disk. Hard Disk (3F0)
  4. A

    Mobile control from laptop via bluetooth

    Hi, my screen on phone is broken and usb debugging is turned off so i can t get in or control it, but i forgot turn off bluetooth and now mobile is still paired and connected to laptop via bluetooth. Is there any app for it ? Because i can t find any
  5. M

    Solved Game doesn't rec. my dedicated graphics card

    HELP! Everytime I start Path of Exile thae device runs it with the low qual Intel GC and not with my GTX 1060 Nvidia. I've tried everything. Updating drivers, starting the game via Nvidia Experience (wich should have helped) even the grinding gear games (Publisher) tech support didn't help. I'm...
  6. S

    Asus Notebook X553M shutting down after removing charging pl

    I have a laptop with the issue described in the title. So far I have -Replaced the Battery -Updated Battery Drivers -Checked the Power Options -Ran Battery Troubleshoot But my issue is still not fixed, help is really needed thanks!
  7. V

    New HP Notebook Won't Turn on

    Hello all! I’m in a rut :( My HP notebook won’t stay on. I start it up, it gets to the login screen, I login in with my credentials and once it’s on my desktop it shuts off after a few seconds. I believe it’s some type of virus because unfortunately before it started all of this acting up I was...
  8. Nishadul

    external GPU to laptop

    i use DELL LATITUDE E7240 4gb ram, 128gb ssd , core i5 5th gen and im a gamer . but this set up gives me soo little FPS that i can barely handle the recoil of guns . on the back of the MOBO , i saw 2 sata slot kindda thingy (not a tech guy ) . in one , ssd was connected and the other one...
  9. J

    Acer Aspire One won't boot

    Hey Guys, I've found an old Acer Aspire One I owned a few years back. When I charge the laptop, I am told it is charging. The green power light comes on when I turn it "on", too. However, I do not hear the machine working, there are no sounds coming from it, and the screen stays black, and does...
  10. Carloz

    Solved SCART To HDMI Converter Box VS HDMI to SCART Converter Box

    I want to connect my HP Notebook laptop to my old SAMSUNG TV (bought new in 2000) so that I can watch DVDs, Netflix, etc on the SAMSUNG screen. I've researched and I believe I need either a SCART To HDMI Converter Box or an HDMI to SCART Converter Box. Also, I'm not sure this would make any...
  11. J

    HP 15 notebook boot image did not autenthicate

    hi guys, can I ask u how to fix hp 15 notbook boot image did not authenticate problem ,without personal file removal,thanks
  12. T

    Need help with a weird Wi-fi problem

    So I have recently just bought this laptop everything is fine except for one thing, the ac 8625. The upstream is fine and is pretty much the same as the other wifi devices at home however the downstream is ridiculous (Usually get 80+ mbps, only getting <2.5mbps if lucky) so I swapped it out for...
  13. B

    Format windows 10

    Hey Please tell me how to format asus notebook. windows 10 to windows 7. I have windows 7 cd
  14. F

    MSI GE72 2QC Apache fan keeps turning on and off

    Hello. Last week one of my fans in MSI GE72 2QC Apache laptop started to make really loud noise and it turned out it had to be replaced. It was left fan which should be CPU. In the end I replaced both CPU and GPU fan. After I got the fans replaced I noticed that the new CPU fan turns on and...
  15. M

    Lenovo IdeaPadA10 Upgrade?

    Hello there, So I have this issue. I have a Lenovo IdeaPad in fantastic condition (save for the fact that I broke the charger, but that's irrelevant). Let me throw some specs out there: Model number: IdeaPadA10 Android Version: 4.2.2 Kernel version: 3.0.36+ [email protected] #1 Tue Dec 3...
  16. M

    Transfer OneNote App Notebook or share to OneNote 2010

    The OneNote App for desktop has no way to print. There is no file tab Apparently I need to move my notebooks to MS OneNote 2010. What do I need to do to migrate the files from the old to the new? My Computer OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro, 64 bit Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4590 CPU...
  17. utmisra

    Laptop Fan noisy and spins constantly, PC warmer than normal

    Hi I'm using an HP Pavillion notebook Intel Core i5-3230M with Windows 10.1. I haven't installed any new hardware or software recently. But the fan has been suddenly spinning excessively and making a lot of noise. The laptop is also warmer than usual. I want to try other solutions before...
  18. A

    Thread_stuck_in_device_driver error

    Hi, I am running Windows 10 on an Acer Aspire v5-122p notebook and started receiving this error last night. My system has also started running extremely slowly. At first I could use the desktop for around 15 minutes before getting the BSOD and a restart but now I'm struggling to do anything...
  19. L

    Settings: storage says C drive is full when it can't be

    Hi, I use a HP Stream Notebook PC 11 with 64-bit Windows 10 and I am having all sorts of problems like internet browsers crashing every 5 minutes, the computer just shutting down sometimes and general slowness. I figure that the cause of these problems is the fact that I can't update my computer...
  20. 1

    Compatibility: HP Pavilion power cords

    Hello! Thanks for reading. I'd like advice on buying a few new adapters / power cords for my HP Pavilion laptop (15-ab065us). The HP site recommends parts #741727-001 (adapter, cord to computer) and #755530-001 (cord to outlet); great, but to buy them on the HP site would cost 4x what it would...