1. 777Psalm91

    Access, notifications based on 2 different due dates

    Hi, I am very new to Access and I am trying to design notifications based on 2 different due dates (Yearly & Semi-yearly). The document is the same for each employee, but some employees are due every 6 months and some every 12. I have found a way in a query to do either the 6 month notice, or...
  2. C

    turn off notification sound for app not listed?

    All the "how-to"s all mention about where to change the setting, but they never mention about Changing The Notification for the App not listed under the setting. Can anybody tell me how to turn off the notification sound for ONE specific program? Thanks
  3. D

    Can't get popup to go away. Virus maybe??

    I installed a program called Free Sound Recorder a while back. It seemed pretty sketch so I uninstalled it completely, but I've now got a notification stuck on the bottom right of my screen saying "Update is ready. Update Free Sound Recorder and benefit from enhancements and fixes." Then it has...
  4. sivartk

    Windows 10 Action Center Icon Shows Count - No nofications

    My Windows 10 1809 running a local account will frequently show a new notification icon with a count in the action center. When clicking on the icon, no notifications are visible. I'm assuming it is probably just a Security Center scan notification, but nothings shows up even though there is...
  5. P

    Local Disk

    Hi, I made this account to ask about my Local Disk. It is nearly full, and I don't really mind. But I keep getting a notification on my computer making a loud noise, it disturbs me when listening to music, focusing on a game, or basically doing anything. It happens like every 10 minutes, and is...
  6. A

    Set a 'no notification' time period for some apps

    I am using Redmi 5a. The Android version that this phone runs on is Android v7.1.2 Nougat. I wanted to know can I set a fixed time period for an app so that it will not display me that particular app's notification for a fixed period. Let me explain: Suppose I don't want any notification of the...