1. Emmit123

    Virus sent unwanted desktop pop ups

    I recently got a new Alienware computer and after downloading a few files I went to adfly to download a file. It told me to allow notifications so I did it because it never hurt before. I started getting desktop pop ups about support for norton security almost immediately after clicking allow. I...
  2. linsjean

    No longer getting Badge Notifications on any of my apps

    I have an LG Stylo 4. At one point, about 6 months ago, I was geting MORE than I wanted. I was getting 36 notificaitons on my text app and I checked it and there was nothing unread. Now, I am getting zero notificaitons on top of the apps, like texts, of emails or voicemails or facebook. I went...
  3. shelley

    Solved loss of battery notifications

    I'd be grateful if somebody could help me figure out why my battery notifications have stopped. I used to get a sound, a popup and a dimming of the screen at various stages of depletion but the laptop now simply shuts down with no warning. I've checked Power Options, Sounds and Notifications &...
  4. Z

    Solved Settings?

    Okay so apologies if this is in the wrong topic and if this is a really stupid question. So, I recently bought a Dell, i7, windows 10, 2 in 1 laptop. When I purchase new items, I tend to be very protective about them. So I'm worried that with notifications that pop up on my laptop (including...
  5. D

    Solved Microsoft Edge - site notifications - how do I disable this?

    How do I disable all have been made and future browser Microsoft Edge Notifications for sites? … something's stuck here - sound plays like I get Notification from somewhere when I right-click to Copy / or Paste information on sites. Help me here!! It's annoying ...
  6. N

    Desktop Notifications/Alerts

    Hello everyone, My company is looking to get an application that is free, or cheap that can send notifications to all users on the network at once. If anyone knows some reliable, good applications for this please let me know in the comments.
  7. O

    How do I turn notifications back on? (broken youtube)

    Accidently clicked "turn off reply updates" the only option to turn back dissappear from code Double checked with new account (and then other device platform) stuck Hi! By accident i clicked "turn off reply updates" in the menu from the bell icon and there is no option anywhere to turn it on...
  8. C

    Cell Phone Notifications Error

    My boyfriend and I live in two different countries at the moment. He recently got a new phone. It is run by Android. However, now he does not receive any notifications of my messages in Facebook or WhatsApp. He can be online in Facebook and the message shows it was sent to the server, but not to...
  9. I

    No sound from Notifications

    I noticed this first on Google Voice. I get the LED flash & Notification at the top Bar. No sound. I checked a few settings, & then Re-installed. That worked for about a day & now it's dead again. I checked a few other apps, & I realized now that it's all apps. I tried Gmail, hangouts...