1. A

    New SSD's exFAT format Dropbox issues. Should I reformat?

    When I transfer files through Dropbox, I got an error message that some properties could not be transferred, Initially I ignored it but when I had issues playing videos (6GB size), I googled and found that such error could occur when a file is transferred from NTFS to FAT disk. My FAT disk is a...
  2. P

    RAW hard drive

    My hard drive is RAW and every time I try to format it into ntfs using disk management it is not able to and whenever I try it in diskpart it says Virtual disk error: this volume or device is in use
  3. D

    Solved ext4 to NTFS

    Hi all, (I'm new to this website, apologies if this is formatted incorrectly) I'm currently running elementaryOS, and it has been nothing but a curse and burden. It was falsely advertised to me, and I put it on my computer when I should not have. I'm desperately trying to return to Windows 7 but...
  4. agent_washingtub

    NTFS_FILE_SYSTEM error - Windows 8.1

    I keep getting the blue screen NTFS_FILE_SYSTEM error when running certain games on my pc. Sometimes within a minute of playing, sometimes after a few hours. The system then reboots. I am running on a freshly installed copy of Windows (less than 7 days) and am wondering if this could be some...
  5. romantrump

    i want recover my windows hard disk ntfs partition ?

    guys is there any software to recover hard disk ,if available please contact as soon as possible really i have need of it too much.