1. M

    Blue screen of death (Windows 10)

    So it started on a day we literally lost power for a second but the Hp desktop shut down. When I tried to turn on the peripheral via usb did not turn on nor my wifi usb. When I turn on computer goes to screen indicating "stopcode NTFS File System" then goes to "Choose your keyboard layout"...
  2. agent_washingtub

    NTFS_FILE_SYSTEM error - Windows 8.1

    I keep getting the blue screen NTFS_FILE_SYSTEM error when running certain games on my pc. Sometimes within a minute of playing, sometimes after a few hours. The system then reboots. I am running on a freshly installed copy of Windows (less than 7 days) and am wondering if this could be some...
  3. P

    Solved Partition problem

    Here is the deal: I bought a brand new laptop. It has Linux on it, but I wanted to install windows 10. I created a USB to install it. I reached the partition part, where I got issues. The machine has 4 partition: fat32 (500MB) fat32 (3GB) ext4 (920GB) linux-swap (7,79GB). So Win 10 needs 20 GB...
  4. D

    HELP! :( Your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart.

    Help! I used my computer on Saturday-no problem, went to start it up yesterday and I get a prompt that says "preparing automatic repair" then it goes to a blue screen that says, :( your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart. We'll restart for you. You can search online later for this error...
  5. T

    BSOD: alternating FAT_FILE_SYSTEM and NTFS_FILE_SYSTEM error

    Here are general logistics: · OS - originally Windows 8; updated to Windows 10 via free update · x64--from what I have last remembered · Approximate age of system-3 years · Approximate age of OS installation<=1 year · Toshiba Satellite C55-A5300 Laptop My computer keeps rebooting with either...