1. pizzatime

    Low frames on games

    I've been getting quite low frames in my games that I've been playing lately, I get around 50-60 fps on battlefield 1 with low settings. There is something wrong with my computer because the performance in my games is not good at all. PC specs: 16 gb ram nvidia 2060 super core i5 8400 2.8 ghz...
  2. dooron101

    Everything crashes, even Minecraft, on a RTX 2060 build

    not much more to add, that's the main problem. nothing big noticeably changed, but one day i was playing minecraft, just relaxing in a server, before the game randomly crashed. it would repeatedly crash, and i was getting annoyed, but for some reason Counter strike was working fine, though i...
  3. Crazysexybear

    Screen resolution changing when in full screen

    Hey So I've have my desktop pc for about a month now and this probleme keeps happening. When I go into fullscreen on a game or a Yputube video, the resolution changes. I have to change it back manually into the nvidia control panel and this is really annoying. For games, I have to play in...