nvidia control panel

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    Solved DisplayLink with Nvidia Control Panel (Stereoscopic 3D Only)

    Hello, I have a GeForce GTX 960 with driver version 384.94 and also a Sabrent USB-1612 with DisplayLink 8.2.2152.0. My issue is that when the DisplayLink driver is installed the Nvidia Control Panel settings only have "Stereoscopic 3D" setting available and not the typical display and video...
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    Nvidia System Control Panel isnt available

    Hey guys, I have got two graphic cards, one from intel and one from Nvidia and want to use the Nvidia Geforce gtx 1060 for all my games, but my computer uses the intel graphic card for the games, so i want to switch to the Nvidia Geforce, but as the internet says, i can only switch those graphic...