nvidia geforce 210

  1. uodeebou

    can navigating a certain website cause a graphic driver erro

    specifications: HP 8000 elite Compaq PC, Win 8.1 (64 bit), 8G ram , NVIDIA Geforce 210 1 G . problem: I had a graphic driver not responding then a graphic driver recovered message, but I noticed that everything running smooth till I try to navigate my website (which contains animated layouts...
  2. Y

    can I connect 3 monitors to pci and integrated video card?

    hello, I've got a nvidia Ge force 210 and I wanted make it work along with the built in vga card, I saw in youtube (link at bottom)that changing the order in the BIOS start up video display you could use both but I did it and it didn't work, my computer specs are AMD Phenom (tm) x6 1055t...