oculus rift

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    VR hardware help much appreciated!

    Hello, just a couple of VR related q's I need help with - I have no experience with VR, so excuse the layman terms!) - Whats the difference between the HTC vive trackers ( having a strap on each wrist) and leap motion? you can see your hands in front of you on both of them and can pick things...
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    Oculus Rift HDMI not working

    Hi, My oculus rift software has installed fine and I was able to play on for about an hour when the vga was connected but I was told by the people who made my computer that the vga was not needed so unplugged it, Now my hdmi isn't being recognized on my oculus rift? I have a hdmi port on my...
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    Alienware 17 r1 external graphics card application.

    Hello. My problem is as follows. I have an Oculus rift and my laptop is not working for it. I believe it is a problem with the graphics card because I must plug the headset directly into the graphics card and my HDMI is not a direct port for that. I may be entirely wrong but I need help. Please...
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    Solved VR... Am I ready?

    I've checked out the specifications for VR. I've run the tests as well, due to my processor being up to date (an i7-4790, one of those quadcore types). The tests give me the green light to go, but the recommendations for hardware include a GTX 970 for the Rift and Vive. Does my processor give me...