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  1. J

    Still Getting Office 2010 Updates? (Windows 10)

    Hey All, Running Windows 10 and every month or so, I still get Office 2010 security updates, even though it was my understanding that support for Office 2010 ending on October 13, 2020. I also read somewhere that some computers got Office 2007 updates for quite some time after Microsoft gave...
  2. R

    office 2010

    i m having office 2010 professional plus hup installed in my laptop and my ext. harddisk crashed hving setup file of it. how can i hv setup file back? any other direct link (microsoft unavailable bcs it was enterprise hup copy and asking for enterprise id) or can i retrieve it from local disk C...
  3. C

    Solved Excel cannot complete this task with available resources

    So we have been having this issue with one of our company PC's. This issue has been happening on and off for the past 3 months, we have tried multiple things to try and fix this issue. We have tried: Repairing Office Uninstalled/Reinstalled Office Changed PC Installed office 64bit instead of...
  4. L

    Automated Email From Excel

    Hi all, I have 3 columns in my spreadsheet - customer name, expiry date, and days till expiry What I would like is for an automated email to be sent once an expiry is 90 days away. Within the body of the email it would include customer name. Please would someone be able to tell me if this is...
  5. jalea148

    many errors with Win 10,Office 2010 and other software

    don't have a penny or disk This was a refurbished Vista that came with Win 7 and Office 2010 installed; have removable disks with a full backup. Upgraded to Win 10; Unfortunately,have many errors with Win 10,Office 2010 and other software.
  6. H

    Solved Access 2010 expression from form needs to reflect in table

    I am super new to Access (like, what I know I taught myself or learned from some short youtube tutorials a few days ago), but I'm putting together a database for my reporting at work. This is the first time I've really run into an issue. I am using Access 2010. I have a table called "Holds...