1. crcook84

    Voting online

    Anyone know why we don't have the option to vote online yet? Obviously, the topic of mail in voting being fraudulent has come up and, depending on your source, either it is or isn't true. I heard one YouTuber talk about a guy he talked to who had been able to tamper with a digital voting booth...
  2. KooperNegrete

    US DS blinking online light off

    My router is an arris dg2470 the us ds light and the 2.4 ghz light are blinking on and off. I’ve tried a hard reset, unplugging and plugging back in and tested internet connection. I have no idea what to do because the arris customer service is not available. I’ve had this problem for about 14 hours
  3. M

    Acer Online Store Reviews

    Hi everyone, I'm from Australia, and looking to buy a new laptop from Acer's online store. Specifically, this one: Does anyone have any experience with buying laptops from Acers online...
  4. T

    online banking

    i need someone to please tell me an online money storage (i dont care whether its online banking or whatever just as long as it works with paypal) that i can use without providing ssn or another form of id and do not have to be 18
  5. G

    Problem running a downloaded program.

    My computer is an HP using Windows 10. I am trying to sign up as a Work at Home Agent for a Website called Contract World Jobs. They have these online tests that check to see if your computer is configured correctly and if your internet speed passes. The problem I am having is the Computer...
  6. T

    Fractional Task Services like Amazon Mechanical Turk

    Hello All-- Good evening. I am a small business operator; an independent lodging motel. I am in need to bolster my online presence from a. I do not hold an advanced degree in computer programming/coding/website construction etc. With that said, I have heard about fractional task services such...
  7. Gonkz

    Online games cause internet to shut down.

    My internet works just fine when downloading at an average speed of 1.1mps, however, when i try to play an online game, it immediately shuts down and stops working until i close the game. This only happens with my internet, i can play fine with my friend´s network or phone internet. Please help...
  8. itscraigagain

    How to seach a cloud or drive service with URL

    Hi, I'm currently looking for service providers in the cloud or online drive sector that allow for searching in the online storage using a URL so that I can integrate the online storage service with the app I am currently creating. PLEASE HELP
  9. V

    Solved Streaming Services

    If I torrent 2-3 movies a year and 3-4 books is it worth it for me to get a VPN? Also, should I be at all worried about streaming movies online?
  10. H

    Bizarre game lag fixed by alt+tab

    Hey there, So i have this problem in games where my ping will dramatically spike to 200+ and stay there until I alt tab out and back into the game. Alt tabbing seems to be the only fix to the issue which is frustrating as it occurs every couple of minutes. Any help would be greatly appreciated...
  11. R

    Lag pikes after installing IIS web server

    I installed IIS to run a website from home and forwarded port 80 through my router and modem, now when I play video games online I am getting lag spikes where the network stops working for a few seconds every 30 seconds or so, which is ruining my online gaming experience, can someone explain to...
  12. S

    Zaminu vs. OpenMenu ?!

    Hi everyone, did anyone try both restaurant management systems, Or I'm looking for a nice, meanwhile affordable one. Thanks
  13. S

    Zaminu Vs OpenMenu

    Hi everyone, did anyone try both restaurant management systems, Or I'm looking for a nice, meanwhile affordable one. Thanks