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    Needing help in regards to JAVA

    Hey everyone newbie here. I recently (and foolishly) was going through various files and accidentally changed how i open JAR files (.jar) on my laptop. I've tried re-downloading The "Java Runtime Environment" program but that didn't help. All i really need help with is to reset how i open my JAR...
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    How to add MS Edge to Open With menu in Win10

    I prefer to use IE 11 as my default browser in Windows 10 but have added Firefox and Chrome to the Open With menus of .url and .html file types for when I want to open those particular file types in those browsers. I've been trying to figure out how to add MS Edge to the Open With menu as well...
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    "Open with" feature is causing problems

    I dont even want to open the "file" with anything, I just want it to be at the default when I first downloaded it. Can anyone help?