1. Fluffeehh

    Java not working properley

    I've installed Java and the control panel is there, but when I try to download .jar files on my computer it doesnt say .executable file at the end and shows a paper icon instead of a Java logo which is supposed to happen. I have tried opening it with Java SE and a black square suddenly pops up...
  2. zipzapzop

    OptiFine problems

    I am not a really tech savvy person so this is pretty dumb. I have been trying to download OptiFine for Minecraft for the past several hours but no matter what I seem to do it just keep saving as a Mozilla Firefox JAR file and I pretty sure I've tried everything. Mozilla is not my default...
  3. J

    Solved .Jar Minecraft files

    My Minecraft runs perfectly. However whenever I download a .jar file as a mod for mc like optifine and open with javaw.exe nothing happens but appears as if it's loading. I've looked all over the internet and can't find anything that helps. Please help -Jonny
  4. JoeByrneham

    CANNOT install minecraft shaders

    it is what it is. with neither optifine, or java, this sh*t will not install. i get an error with optifine and the texture packs saying error 0x80030001, problem with switches or something. and with forge i have installed everything correctly and it just doesn't work. This is so annoying and i...