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  1. G

    Problems with Mac Mini/OS X

    Hi guys, I recently had an issue with my Mac Mini (mid 2011 running OS X Lion). Had the flashing folder with a question mark come up. Did a bit of googling around and figured I would try do a fresh OS install. I've mounted the .dmg on a USB stick but I can't get the Mac to open the Start Up...
  2. F

    Mac OS Mojave disk space issue - stumped

    Have a macbook pro trying to help with. Dude jumped on Beta because he thought that would be fun, and it's, you know, a beta...so it has broken his finder etc. and otherwise rendered machine deadish. So, trying to reinstall from internet recovery. Needs 1.8GB more space. 1.8GB... seriously...
  3. M

    MacOS High Sierra won't connect to Wi-Fi

    I repaired my 2015 MacBook Air and when I got it I found out it had OSX Yosemetie 10.10. So I upgraded to High Sierra 10.13. Problem is when I updated it the Wi-Fi would not connect. When I revert to 10.10 using a recovery image it works fine. Basically the Wi-Fi only works when its running the...
  4. V

    Graphics Error, Help!

    no idea whats going on, but keep getting these(attached) type of glitches anyone have a clue how to get rid of it? doesn't affect chrome, and mainly affects text edit and imovie. I'm on OS X version 10.9.5, macintosh HD with 16 GB of memory. please help, it makes editing footage a pain (i've...
  5. jucarda57

    Win 10 PC won't read my SD card

    Hi, I am not a tech guy, but I always want to be informed about the tech I use. However, I never thought about file systems before acquiring cards for my DSLR camera. They work fine on the camera, though. The issue is in my laptop. I used to have a Win 8.1 Toshiba Satellite and the cards worked...
  6. L

    Connecting OS X with Debian Linux

    I am currently running a computer with OS X El Capitan and one with Debian Linux (8). I would like to easily connect the two via ethernet so that I can transfer files over them at high speeds. All of the hardware is configured at this point, but what do I need to do on both the OS X end and the...