outlook 2013

  1. cwwozniak

    Outlook 2013 - Inbox appearance of sender's name

    I exchange emails with several people in Taiwan on a regular basis at work. We are using MS-Outlook 2013 for our email client and IMAP for incoming email. The OS is MS-Windows 8.1 Pro with various Asian fonts installed I have all of their contact information saved in Outlook's address book. I...
  2. D

    Outlook 2013 with HotSpot not working

    Here's an interesting one... I am trying to use my cell phone's HotSpot to run my company laptop. I am able to access the web, run the Web application of Outlook, and do a few other things but I cannot access network drives nor access my Outlook application. When I connect at home, it works...
  3. H

    Solved Excel and Emailing AGAIN!

    Good day, First I'd like to say...This site is a great learning resource! Learned so much about VBA and Macros in just two days. Now the issue. I found two great codes that I will 'splice' together to get what I want...
  4. O

    How to create rule for redirecting email

    Hello! Regarding Outlook 2013 Hoping someone can help me out...I receive all emails from one entity that are sent to thousands of different people individually. When I receive an email from a certain address, with a certain subject, I need Outlook to be able to send it to the email address...
  5. S

    Excel 2013 - Help/advice on creating macro to send mail

    Hello all, Am hoping someone may be able to help me with a task I am trying to complete. I have a work book that I need to edit on a daily basis, and I ideally want to be able to send an email to specific email address when a date is input. I have attached a copy of the workbook for perusal...
  6. S

    Distro not updating when adding new mebers

    Hello there, So, I work as a L1 service desk. We have here basic access to the exchange server site and AD. There is this distribution list that we have been trying to add more members (they were originally part of the distro) and even though they are added after a while they just disappear...
  7. D

    Outlook 2013. How to delete extra Contacts folder

    Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Home, 64 bit Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4790 CPU @ 3.60GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 60 Stepping 3 Processor Count: 8 RAM: 12239 Mb Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GT 720, 1024 Mb Hard Drives: C: Total -...
  8. draceplace

    Solved Library not Registered error - VBA Outlook

    Been running this email generation VBA code for years (currently Access 2013) and this week it went south on me. But another person in my group runs the process just fine from his PC. The error: Run-time error '-2147319779 (8002801d)': Automation error Library not registered. OS=Win7 (Office...
  9. R

    Outlook 2013 Sending Problem

    Hi, I use Outlook 2013 and for the past couple of days when sending an email I get a pop-up screen saying "Navigation to the webpage was cancelled" It invites me to refresh but that does nothing at all. I then close the pop-up and it returns 3 or 4 times and then the email goes perfectly. I am...
  10. C

    Sending email with HTML from within MS Access 2013

    I don't know if anyone else has had a problem with the boring-ness of plain text emails. The following is code that works. I'm sure the moderators will delete if it's not a worthwhile post for the forum. Step 1 Set up your mail as a string with the html code embedded. You can use <b> bold and...
  11. cwwozniak

    Solved Outlook 2013 - Contact Group from Email Recipients List?

    Is there a quick way to create a new contact group containing the email addresses of all of the recipients in the "To" and/or "cc" lists of an email in Outlook 2013? There are times where I will receive an email from a customer that will have me and a couple of other people in the To list and...
  12. M

    Make iCal Export include time?

    Hello, I have created a training course for fellow employees at my company, and I have set deadlines for them in this training course. I have emails set up that announce posts and deadlines. Some of the deadlines include times. I have included an iCal button that allows the users to export the...
  13. P

    Help In Removing Duplicate Contacts Outlook 2013 64 bit

    How can I remove duplicate contacts I have in Outlook 2013 ? Thank you.