outlook 2016

  1. M

    Cannot connect my outlook.com to outlook 2016

    Two days ago my outlook.com account stop syncing with exchange on outlook 2016 desktop app. Since the i have tried clean uninstall and reinstall of office, correcting the registry, recreating the account and repairing .pst and .ost files, even deleting and recreating the .ost file. Still when i...
  2. D

    I cannot create a recurring task in MS Outlook 2016

    When I create a task and then try to make it recurring by clicking on the "Recurrence" button in the ribbon, Outlook crashes. Sometimes it restarts, sometimes not.This always happens. A can reliably always make this happen. Things I have tried: scanpst.exe, Stellar Repair for Outlook, Microsoft...

    Outlook delivery reports in Chinese language

    Outlook delivery reports are generated in the Chinese language, Checked the system language and checked the Outlook language settings as well but still it is getting it into the Chinese language.
  4. B

    Solved Constant Outlook 365 crashes driving me crazy

    Hi collective brain I've been suffering this issue for some time and just putting up with it but it's becoming unbearable. I run Office 365 and suffering continuous crashes and force closes with Outlook. It appears possibly to be associated with Outlook accessing a specific email account which...
  5. cr33kbed

    Solved Outlook 2016 Disproportionate Window Panes Part 2

    I am once again having this issue whereas the sidepanels and the ribbon within the desktop side of Outlook 2016 are out of proportions again (basically enlarged). I'm mostly going to reference the old thread I marked solved since it's the same issue, although this time it's a different user and...
  6. N

    Outlook 2016 View

    Hello everyone, I have recently had an employee within my company who has been had outlook change view settings. She works at two different offices, and by the time she returns to the other office her view settings are changed. If she changes the view settings on one computer, will it reflect...
  7. D

    Solved "Outlook cannot log on. Verify you..." - W10/O16

    Hi, This seems to be a very common issue around the internet but none of the methods I have tried so far have worked. This is the error message: (It appears when clicking on outlook). "Outlook cannot log on. Verify you are connected to the network and are using the proper server and mailbox...
  8. S

    Excel 2016 send email notification, WINDOWS 10

    I am trying to create a VBA that sends me a reminder/email in Outlook based on a date in a specific column in this case (column R) and then adds the date the reminder was sent in the next column (S) . Can someone please assist me.
  9. H

    Solved Outlook 2016 -- Won't start due to problem with pst file

    Here's what happened, and how I already tried repairing it: my e-mail stopped working -- I knew there was an issue with the fact that AOL had taken over email services for Verizon, so I tried to work on the settings. While doing that and repeatedly testing different settings, Outlook crashed...
  10. C

    Outlook 2016 - 'Recover Deleted Items From Server' no icon

    Just upgraded from MS Office Home and Student 2010 to Outlook 2016 on my desktop, and I have accidentally deleted some emails - which don't now appear in my deleted items folder. MS Support advises that the next place to look is in the Recoverable Items folder (adding that this a hidden...
  11. N

    Outlook Folder Heading

    I have Outlook 2016 installed on 2 Win 10 PCs. The first one is a 15" notebook and when I am looking at my email folders there is a line which shows on the extreme right "Current Mailbox" and to the left of that "Search current Mailbox" and then to its left "Mentions" and to its left "Unread"...
  12. J

    Outlook 2016 Address Book Tab Missing

    In Outlook 2016 there is a possibility to right click the contact persons folder, afterwards click properties. Here is a tab with 'Outlook address book' is visible. Unfortunately in our situation this tab is not visible on a shared mailbox. In fact on every mailbox this tab is not present...
  13. O

    Outlook 2016 will not let me reply or forward to e mails.

    My Outlook has decided to stop me responding. The Reply button and forward buttons are dull and ´not lit up´ thus stopping me responding to incoming mails. Anyone else encountered this. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  14. F

    Outlook Notes 2016 opens in full screen, cannot resize

    I use windows 10 and MS Office 365 2016. The notes open in full screen and show no header bar or resize option in lower right corner.
  15. L

    Win10 Outlook 2016 - some html in emails blocked sometimes

    I recently upgraded to Outlook 2016, and for some reason, some of my e-newsletters have sections blocked (i.e., those sections don't download so a small X appears in the upper-left corner of that section). It doesn't happen with ALL my e-news, only some. I thought it might be a security...
  16. oneblack

    Solved Outlook 2016 connection timing out

    I need help! Ever since Office updated to 2016, Outlook will not remain connected to my network. The network cuts out, then connects, then cuts out again, sometimes for extended periods, and I cannot receive email unless I close and restart the program. All other network functions are normal...
  17. J

    Excel 2016 to send Outlook email reminders on various dates

    I'm in HR and I have a spreadsheet that incorporates staff information commencing, with each month in a new sheet. Unfortunately, department managers are forgetting to do staff reviews at 3mth, 5mth or the 6mth probation. I've entered formula to calculate these dates from the staff commencement...
  18. T

    Solved IMAP error adding Gmail to Outlook 2016 - Windows 10

    I am baffled by this one, and hope someone can help. I've installed literally dozens of gmail accounts into Outlook for clients, but this one is giving me fits. Every time I try to enter the account into a new Outlook 2016, the program hangs and then gives me an error message about an IMAP...
  19. O

    Solved Outlook 2016 repaired but still not working

    Outlook is crashing immediately after startup. On my PC AND laptop at the same time. This might be an important indication for you specialists. Buggy mail? I applied old system restore points and registry backups, to no avail. Then used both quick and full repair of the entire Office suite. Same...
  20. G

    Outlook 2016 Is Not Receiving Messages

    I am running Outlook 2016 on an HP laptop, purchased new November 2015, with Windows 7 Professional and MS Office. Outlook stopped receiving messages automatically about 3 weeks ago. I went into file/options/advanced. It looks like everything is set up for automatic receive whether online or...