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    Exporating emails with Mac Mail: Incomplete .mbox files

    Every time I try to export one of my mail boxes in order to save the messages onto my computer, the file is incomplete. It creates small .mbox files ranging from 10 KB to 20 MB and yet my mail box is over 600 MB. And I tried multiple times and restarting Mail. Why doesn't it let me export my...
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    Error adding POP Outlook account to Mail

    Hello everyone, I am trying to save my email messages from Outlook to the Mail program on my Mac Lion (OS X El Capitain). The problem is it won't let me use the POP protocole, only IMAP works. And I really need to use POP because I want to download my messages onto my computer instead of just...
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    Solved Outlook receiving blank emails

    If you can see the subject of Outlook's emails but not the message content, you may want to try this. It worked for me. File >> Options >> Mail >> Stationary and Fonts >> Font...>> Set Font Color to Automatic >> Uncheck all boxes >> OK