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    Outlook express stops working

    I have a friend using outlook express and windows XP. I know it is I old, but he cannot afford to replace it, so trying to help him out. It has worked fine for many years but now when reading or sending emails he gets this error:- Your server has Unexpectedly terminated the connection, possible...
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    Solved What to do after 18 years of Outlook Express

    I feel guilty even asking this question; I've done a lot of research, but I keep hoping there's a good solution that I've failed to find. When I first got online from home in 1999, I patterned my computer use on what we did at work; we had either Outlook or Outlook Express, and my first...
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    Outlook Express/Not enough memory

    I'm attempting to help my dad with an issue on his outlook express. He still uses windows XP and he keeps getting a message whenever he tries to send (from either of his 2 POP email accounts) that "Message could not be sent. Not enough memory." I'm doing this remotely with him, but I have...
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    dbx mail extraction without Outlook Express?

    I have a backup of an old pc running winxp with oe, only some dbx files remained--I switched to linux mint now. I tried an online utility for recovery and it worked pretty well, but one file (1.5gb) is too big for upload (server msg), are there free alternatives to solve the problem?