1. B

    Outlook 365 Capabilities

    I recently added a dual boot to my PC. I switch between Windows 7 and Windows 10. I have been using Outlook 2000 under Windows 7 and I am very please with that. I am looking for an application for Windows 10 that will have the same features as Outlook 2000 on Windows 7. Unfortunately, Office...
  2. T

    Outlook Calendar (Yahoo Calendar) on Android and on PC

    Hello friends, I use Outlook on my Android phone and on the PC desktop. My mail account is an yahoo-IMAP acccount. Here's the thing: I use the PC outlook app, receive outlook calendar invitations by IMAP Yahoo mail, then accept or decline them, and so a have my calendar nicely up to date on...
  3. W

    How to sync Outlook

    How do I sync s5 outlook with the outlook in my PC? I went into settings and the sync is on there. When I delete emails in the PC they do not delete in the cellphone. Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Home, 64 bit, Build 18363, Installed...
  4. K

    Outlook slow with Gmail

    I recently changed email from pop using a .pst file to Gmail using SMTP. All data was migrated from the .pst file to Gmail and that is all fine. Using Gmail online works fine and emails send/receive no problems. On desktop, Outlook 2019 is used to view the Gmail and send/receive/etc. However...
  5. S

    Send Outlook meeting request to SharePoint 2016 calendar?

    I have a SharePoint-originated calendar that I've connected to Outlook to manage it more easily. However, I have to add items to the calendar manually to the SharePoint calendar from my personal calendar (within Outlook) instead of being able to send them directly to the site calendar, and have...
  6. A

    Set up Auto Archive in Outlook

    Hello, I realized today that I have a 2GB limit to my email. I'm told I need to "Archive" old and perhaps some existing emails. I'm using Outlook. Could anyone guide me through this or suggest how to best do this. Any help is much appreciated. Thank you..
  7. JamesCRocks

    Outlook on Android

    Hi, I have a new Android tablet and installed Microsoft Outlook on it. With the exception of my own outlook.com email account, I am unable to configure my various email addresses. The other addresses I have are off my own domains hosted by GoDaddy. This isn't a one-off event ... my mobile...
  8. R

    Mail Merge from different email account

    I have Office 365 so write my letter using Word, the mailing list is Excel and the email client is Outlook. I have 6 different email accounts for different roles in my life. When I do a mail merge it insists on using the Microsoft email account. How can I select which account it should use...
  9. 4

    VBA Help

    Hello All I have what I'm sure to many of you will be an easy task but I'm clueless. I need to create a spreadsheet that needs to send reminders to a mailing list every three days from various dates (based on what the users input). I have no clue how to do that though.
  10. N

    Easy Mapi COM Server ( Outlook )

    Halo for the clever guys out there we use our program at our clients business management program, We have 1/5 clients that gets that error when emailing from our program thru outlook, I cant get the Mapi32. dll server ? how and where this is a windows error ? I have attached a screenshot of...
  11. totallylosttech

    Outlook/Gsuite email

    When originally creating the account, I opted to allow MS to manage my domain. That stopped all my emails from GSuite. I removed most everything MS related from my DNS which enabled access to my emails and created an alias for GSuite to get the email I set up with Microsoft working. I can...
  12. N

    Outlook 2016 View

    Hello everyone, I have recently had an employee within my company who has been had outlook change view settings. She works at two different offices, and by the time she returns to the other office her view settings are changed. If she changes the view settings on one computer, will it reflect...
  13. C

    Missing Outlook ost files

    I had an Exchange email account that was no longer active. I removed the account from Outlook and it appears it then deleted my .ost data files. I had important emails, Contacts, and Calendar. There is no way for me to reconnect to the Exchange server. Is there any way to recover my .ost data...
  14. T

    Outlook Calendar in Office 2007 Hanging

    Hi My Calendar in Outlook (Office 2007, Windows 10) is hanging when I try to open it, only response is the egg timer and outlook hangs and then crashes. Would be grateful for any help.
  15. R

    Jewish/Hebrew calendar reminders

    Hi, Does anyone know how to set up reminders on Microsoft Outlook 2016 based on the Hebrew date as opposed to the Gregorian one (e.g. remind me every Tamuz the 3rd not July the 3rd) . This was available on previous versions of Outlook. I already have the Hebrew calendar added, and it shows all...
  16. tuteehub

    How to attached outlook with other email account?

    I want to attached outlook account with company email account, but i don't the procedure to attached both account..
  17. C

    Draft newsletter in pages, send as body of email

    So I've been trying to work through this issue on my own for a while now to no avail. For yeas I've promoted the benefits of my beloved Apple computers because as an artist I love a lot of the capabilities it provides and the overall clean and finished look of a lot of the in house drafting...
  18. linskyjack

    Outlook to Outlook

    Friend of mine just fried her mother board. She purchased a new computer and then purchased the new version of Outlook. I rescued her hard drive from the old computer and she wants to migrate her contacts from her old Outlook to the new computer. What is the best way of doing this? The drive...
  19. EBSchrader

    Deleted my archived Outlook Data Files (*pst)

    Didn't recognize this archive file as important, so I dumped it *sigh* Now every time I launch Outlook, it looks for the *pst file, then offers me a phone # for assistance (that reports it is not presently set up to accept calls). Once I get post those 2 prompts, I can still use Outlook. How can...
  20. E

    Outlook outgoing mail incorrect email address

    Hello all. I use an email address with myregisteredsite.com - an email provider attached to my domain name - and I've connected it to my outlook. For some reason when I send emails its sending from a long numbered and lettered outlook again address: eg. [email protected] any...