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    email service

    Thanks. email service .... gmail or outlook.com? Regards
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    Outlook 2010 to Outlook.com

    Thanks. Have MS Outlook 2010 and can have (through Office Home share 365) access to Outlook.com. Should I switch - never saw or tried Outlook.com. Suggestions please. peter
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    Outlook.com - emails are automatically deleted

    For a while now, some emails get automatically deleted from my inbox. They show up in my deleted folder, but if I want to move them back to my inbox, it gets automatically moved back to my deleted folder. This happens with emails from a few companies, but I might also happen with other random...
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    Outgoing mail from Outlook.com sticks in Drafts folder

    When sending mail from Outlook.com (OWA) it immediately goes to the Drafts folder and stays there. For all domains. There is no error message. Then trying to send it from the Drafts folder generates "Error: The message can't be sent right now. Please try again later." This happens with all...