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    My CPU has begun to get really hot

    Just a few days ago I began to experience a distinct drop in my computers peformance, and I could see that my CPU has indeed started to get really hot recently, however all my fans are working and i cleaned my computer not even a full month ago. Speccy snapshot attached as .txt. Thank you
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    Game Freezing

    Hello, I have this problem with my laptop while gaming and even with windows itself I always get a crazy freeze In games especially With Open-world games, I wanted to upgrade what is needed to fix this problem but Idk what is wrong with my pc I have a Video uploaded of my problem I put the Link...
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    Computer Internet Issue (Moved from Windows 8 forum)

    Sorry if this is in the wrong forum! Windows 8 laptop got overheated from sitting in the sun and being used. At first it wouldn't turn on, but then it was left alone to cool and it opened up and such seemingly normally. But now it won't connect to the internet and says there are no available...
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    Stuck in Automatic Repair Mode

    My HP Pavillion g6 windows 10 laptop was left on the other day while i was out , i thought i closed the lid but due to a faulty hunge it stayed open and may have overheated laying on my bed. Upon coming home i noticed it was still on and i just shut it down and unplugged it. This morning i...
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    My hp laptop screen got very hot and my laptop switched off. It now will not turn on. Is it likely that my laptop has broken?