1. C

    Graphics Card

    (When i am using the work froze or frozen I mean that my display stops working it stays stuck at the same place i can not move the mouse nor can i use the Alt+Crtl+Delete windows shortcut ) I have an old Radeon Graphics card (AMD Radeon 530 ) installed in my Laptop that is around 3 years old...
  2. Biahal

    Computer shutting down randomly due to over clocking

    My desktop was all dusty and I decided to clean and while cleaning I removed the cpu cooler to clean(thermal paste in cpu was dried) and after reassembling the cpu usage hiked and my pc shuts down completely randomly when I stream videos om youtube. Cpu: Intel core 2 duo E8200 2.66Ghz
  3. F

    My computer randomly crashes after i installed a new gpu

    I'm about 90% sure that the random crashes are a result of either my graphics card or my hard drive. i recently bought a new card (gtx 1060 6gb) aswell as a hard drive to store games on. after these 2 events, crashes start happening at random points in time. when the computer crashes, i dont...
  4. H

    My CPU has begun to get really hot

    Just a few days ago I began to experience a distinct drop in my computers peformance, and I could see that my CPU has indeed started to get really hot recently, however all my fans are working and i cleaned my computer not even a full month ago. Speccy snapshot attached as .txt. Thank you
  5. C

    Computer Shutting Down Randomly

    Hey, My computer keeps shutting down on me randomly when playing 3D intensive games. I just bought all of the parts this year. I am pretty sure it is due to the GPU overheating. I just did a benchmark on PC with HeavenlyBenchmark and the GPU was staying at 95-96% load and the GPU temp was at...
  6. J

    Issues after swapping CPU

    I own a CYBERPOWERPC Gamer Xtreme GXIVR8020A4 Desktop that came with a i5 9400 processor. I was trying to switch it out with i5 9600K. It's my first time messing with anything like this, do I'm sure I messed up somewhere. I bought the wrong cpu and tried putting the old one back in without...
  7. arhan19926

    acer nitro 5 overheating due to lint and dust

    can you guys suggest me something which i can do so that the dust is not sucked in through the air vents and later get stuck in the exhausts causing the hot air to not efficiently exit the laptop through the exhausts?
  8. S

    New Laptop High temps

    Hello.. First sorry for bad english and long question.. Before 1 month my laptop get damagd by overheating(I guess) I sended it for warranty and after 30 days, they called me to get new one.. So I go and chose HP Pavilion 15 gaming i5 8th gen, 1050 4gb..After I go home I installed windows and...
  9. R

    Overheating GPU

    I'm currently experiencing overheating on my gaming rig primarily my GPU, everything else runs fine but its hitting heats of up to 82c during gaming when it never used to. I've tried cleaning the heatsink, applying thermal paste and rolling back my drivers but to no avail. It feels like this...
  10. D

    MBP Randomly turning off?

    Hi there - I appreciate in advance anybody that can help with this. The short version is my computer keeps randomly turning off - I suspected battery or overheating but those don't seem the issue. I just am trying to work out how to go about fixing it, and trying to narrow down what the issue...
  11. R

    Games and Video Lag

    Hi guys So I had bought this laptop in 2015 and is about 4 years old now. When i first bought it games like GTA V, Minecraft, COD BO3, where running just fine I was getting about 40-50fps on high settings in most of the games. But I believe it was 2017 when everything when everything went...
  12. S

    Solved Computer crashes when watching 1080p YouTube videos

    Hello again, my pc used to play YouTube videos in 1080p resolution without any problems (albeit a bit choppy) but recently it started crashing after approximately 45 min of 1080p reproduction. It only crashes when the videos play in 1080p, it is ok in 760p and in normal use. My pc has 3.00 GB...
  13. P

    Pc shut off won't turn back on

    Was playing ark survival evolved and my pc just shut off I think it may have overheated because I only have one fan. When I turn it on nothing happens but on the gpu (rx 580) a red light flashes once when a blue light usually comes on. Anyhelp would be great thanks.
  14. FloofTheBird

    Liquid cooled and still overheating with BSODs

    Alright, so my computer has a closed loop liquid cooling system. My average load usage (Youtube, social, etc) keeps my CPU core temps around 15C or so and my GPU hovers around 30C. One would think that, with temps like that, overheating really shouldn't become an issue, but as soon as I use...
  15. B

    Gpu 83c on lowest settings

    I have recently made my first ever pc which I'm so proud of as I have no experience of this at all and learned from watching a few videos on line , everything works great except the gpu on idle it's 30c but as soon as I start to play rust on potatoe setting (lowest) it sores up to 82-83c and I...
  16. Q

    OverHeating 6 months HighEndComputer "bought on store"

    Hello , My computer : OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Home, 64 bit Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-7700K CPU @ 4.20GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 158 Stepping 9 Processor Count: 8 RAM: 32707 Mb Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080, -1 Mb Hard Drives: C: 475 GB (302 GB Free); D: 1851 GB (1848...
  17. 1

    Fps drops in Overwatch with lower speeds (in GHz)Please help

    I have had this issue for a while now and have searched online for many fixes ( high priority, deleting certain files, using a high performance power plan and even turning all game settings to the very minimum) but I still cannot get a stable frame rate. One second it will be 70 fps, the next it...
  18. S

    GPU/PSU overheating?

    I have no idea what’s happening with my computer at this point. My setup: GTX 1080 ti Aorus Waterforce i7 7700k B8 Gaming MoBo 16GB Trident Z RAM 1200w PSU Ever since upgrading from a GTX 970, I’ve been losing frames, progressively over the last 3 months to the point I’ve been on 10FPS on low...
  19. Retreauxmusic

    CPU overheating, 128°C??

    Hey there, recently I had a problem with my pc dying on me and I believe I've booiled it down to my cpu overheating. I've completely dusted out all the components I could and I've ensured my fans are working properly. I ran HWMonitor and found the cpu climbed quickly up to 128°C before shutting...
  20. polova

    Solved HP laptop G42 overheating "Thermal shutdown occured"

    My HP laptop is overheating, FAN is very noisy. It says Thermal shutdown occured......System temperature(90D). I have remove all dusts from air vents and heatsink,update BIOS and apply new thermal grease on CPU but problem still persist. Windows shutdown automatically after a few minutes. Is...