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    High CPU usage on startup?

    Hi everyone, When turning on my PC, CPU usage rockets up to 100% for a few minutes. This has caused the PC to shut down on multiple occasions because (I'm assuming) the CPU got too hot (limit is 100 degrees). The main culprit of this is a task called "Windows Compatability Telemetry," which...
  2. Z

    Random crashes since 3-4 months ago (sometimes with BSOD)

    Over the past 3-4 months my computer has been having some bad crash issues. I need help determining whether the issue is because of overheating due to having to use my brothers oldstock cooler (which has very little thermal compound on it) or if the problem is driver related. It all started...
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    PC started restarting on higher demanding game

    Hi, I've posted this same post on "Games" forum too, I didn't know which is the right one, so if that's a problem, I'm sorry, will delete one. I have a quite strong and not too old pc that runs basically all new games without problems. Yet a week ago it started restarting everytime i try to...
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    PC started restarting on higher demanding game

    Hi, I have a quite strong and not too old pc that runs basically all new games without problems. Yet a week ago it started restarting everytime i try to play a game "Rust" (I've played it before without any problems). I suspected my cpu might be overheating, so I monitored it's temperature with...
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    Solved ram motherboard idk help plox

    ok can anyone help me my pc has been crashing lately and giving me the error code for Memory modulesare detected, buta memory failurehas occurred so i did memtest with 2 sticks and it got through and said it worked then i tried some of my other sticks but they froze 1-3 mins in then i tried the...
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    help cpu intel q6600

    help cpu intel q6600 never over clocked going 102 celcuis on cooler master cpu cooler new thermal paste artic silver and fan is fitted properly
  7. L

    Overheating Issue

    I have a Lenovo Z510 laptop running Windows 10. Intel i7 processor and an Intel 4600 graphics card. I've scoured the internet for help with my problem, but haven't been able to find anything that quite matches what I have going on. Starting several months ago, my computer started randomly...
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    Vacuumed the top of my monitor and now it turns off

    Okay so I was vacuuming my desk and the areas around it and the top of my computer monitor looked dusty so, without thinking, I vacuumed the top of the holes and a lot of what I think was dust came out and it made a strange whirring noise. My computer was still on but I turned it off straight...
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    PC Issues: Fist PSU, then GPU and finally CPU overheating

    I am so sorry for the long post but please PLEASE help me I do not know what to do at this point. I already cried over this. So basically my PC started restarting first of all, out of no where. It didn't start roaring or get louder but all of a sudden i'd find that it would randomly shut off...
  10. R

    Computer shutting down

    Recently my computer (dell xps 1800 running windows 10) had been shutting down and upon investigation, the fan was dusty and wasn't connected correctly- pieces had been broken a few years ago and glued back on, but the glue melted and the thermal compound had worn off. I got a replacement fan...
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    Computer overheating at 55 °C

    Hi, lately my computer has been abruptly shutting off as if it were overheating. No blue screen or anything, simply as if I had held the power button down so I began to check how hot it was getting during long gaming sessions using HWMonitor and the hottest I saw it reach was only 55 °C (131f)...
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    PC won't turn on after overheating

    So I was playing a game that is slightly CPU intensive and my PC shut down after an hour of it running. I opened the case and checked the heat sink it was very hot. This happened to me before but only during the hot summer, never at 21 degrees Celsius room temperature. Well now it won't turn on...