1. N

    Brand new store bought PC rebooting when playing Overwatch

    As the title suggests, I bought this PC a couple days ago. Windows and Graphics drivers are all updates. Also tried to download drivers for the motherboard and was only instructed to download AMD Ryzen Master app that seems to only monitor my PC settings and temps. When I play Overwatch, the...
  2. G

    Just got a game and not running smooth

    My computer can run fortnite at 100 fps but when I got overwatch yesterday overwatch is running at 3 fps. I checked with the specs of my computer and it should be running at atleast 60. Can someone help me plz.
  3. A

    Overwatch Driver Problem Windows 10

    When I boot up overwatch it will work for about 30 secs then go black and say that drivers are missing so I updated the nividia card but it still won’t work. Anyone know what to do? Adam
  4. 1

    Fps drops in Overwatch with lower speeds (in GHz)Please help

    I have had this issue for a while now and have searched online for many fixes ( high priority, deleting certain files, using a high performance power plan and even turning all game settings to the very minimum) but I still cannot get a stable frame rate. One second it will be 70 fps, the next it...
  5. C

    Unexpected Error (computer restart in graphc intensive game)

    Hello, I am a desperate person who just wants to play video games during summer. I recently bought new ram sticks for my computer hoping that my issues would be fixed, yet sadly, I still had unexpected crashes. I cannot play Playerunknown's Battlegrounds or Overwatch without a computer restart...
  6. ngochacan2001sg

    Solved Overwatch No Compatible Graphics Hardware Was Found

    Hi ! I have a very annoying issue. I keep getting the above error everytime I try launch Overwatch with Nvidia GPU set as default, I have been through Blizzard support and they have gone through the following with me. I am running an ASUS G550JK using an Nvidia 850M 2Gb DDR3 GPU in Nvidia...
  7. L

    Why is League of legends running extremely badly?

    I lately have gotten some PC upgrades and it seems that league of legends is running just the same, and sometimes slower than my older parts. My parts include: MSI 970 gaming, AMD-FX 8350, 8gb ram, and a RX 480 GPU. I am able to run Overwatch at 60+ FPS on the highest settings without any lag...
  8. L

    Solved PC reboots when I play Overwatch

    I'd like to start off by saying I don't know very much about computers so please if you choose to help explain like I am a child. Two days after buying Overwatch my PC rebooted in the main menu when I launched the game, after messing around with fan speeds and updating drivers the problem was...
  9. Lusignan

    Games aren't running like they should!

    I built my PC roughly three years ago, the build is as follows: Processor: AMD Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 7870 1GB OC Edition RAM: 8GB Now the majority of games that come out recently I check online whether or not my PC Specs will be enough to run them, the...
  10. L

    Solved I just want to play overwatch

    At the moment I'm chilling with no CPU because a6 hand me down came with some broken pins. I have about $160 I was thinking of a r7 240 and an athlon x4 860k or an a10 7850k. Both fit I'm my price range so I was wondering which one is the clear choice. Also if you recommend anything else here is...
  11. stefanjack13

    Frequent blue screens in the middle of games

    So my computer keeps blue screening at first I thought it was just overwatch but then it happened when I was playing Witcher 3 I rolled back my drivers because I read that the latest NVIDIA drivers are unstable and it still happens I don't know if it's because I have kind of a ridiculous set-up...
  12. M

    Stuttery FPS w/ AMD Radeon r7 370 series graphics card

    Hello everyone, and thank you for checking this thread in an attempt to help me! I'm not good with computers, so any instructions/directions you give me need to have every step carefully spelled out for me, or I'm likely going to run into some problems with my own stupidity! Now with that out of...