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    File Disappeared From Folder

    A strange thing happened today with a file I downloaded. I don't know if this belongs here or in the networking forum, but I'll try to provide as much detail as possible. I work with a Windows 10 computer that is part of a network. There is a 'shared drive' which all of the computers have...
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    Recovering overwritten data

    Is it possible to recover overwritten photos? I am talking about the internal android memory, I have no SD card. These are the pictures I deleted yesterday, falsely beleiving they were backed up on Google. And I surely know they are overwritten cause my memory got filled up afterwards. I've...
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    URGENT! Help in restoring overwrited pdf files

    How to restore the pdf file that was accidentally saved by another pdf file?? I have accidentally saved a file to another existing file. Now there's two file with same data. Is there any way to restore the data that was overwrite? Please help to answer asap. Thank you very much.