partition management

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    SSD is showing up as recovery partition. NEED HELP ASAP

    So I just installed a ssd which is 256GB and after installing it when I went to the disk manager it shows that 150Gb of the 256Gb is a recovery partition. When I try to delete it and right click it only shows 'help' button instead of any other options. thank you
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    Accidentally made my Disk 0 Dynamic

    I made my Disk 0 on MY laptop dynamic. I would like to convert back to basic but the option is grayed out. Disk 0 hold my OS which has (Boot,page file, crash Dump). Help would be greatly appreciated
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    External HardDrive Partitioning

    Hello, I just purchased an HP P600 SSD external harddrive with 500GB storage. However, it came oddly partitioned as two 232GB drives and a DVD rom with security setup info. I would like to condense the two drives to one, and tried to delete one volume in disc management to extend the other...
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    How would I resize a LVM partition?

    I am attempting to shrink a LVM partition on Fedora Workstation 27 so I could install Fedora Server 27. How would I do so without damage to the OS?