1. PMrocks

    Unable to merge unallocated space to D: disk

    I was trying to make dual boot of kali linux with windows 10. So I created a 50GB partition for that and did the dual boot successfully. but after few months I removed Kali Linux and formatted the 50GB partition and made it as unallocated space. Now I'm trying to merge that 50GB space with main...
  2. NinjaBanana

    HDD interupted during new volume creation, wont detect

    I recently harvested an internal hdd from my old linux laptop, and connected it via a SATA - USB cable to my windows 10 machine, and deleted the linux ext4 partition. I then went into the process of creating a new volume via the default windows tool, however the drive was accidentally pulled out...
  3. L

    Error booting to Mac OS & Windows 10 normally

    Hello, I have a serious issue where I can't boot my Mac OS & I am unable to boot my windows 10 after expanding my memory using an external hard drive as a new partition. Its an old macbook that I bought from a family friend. Please help
  4. B

    Inconsistent file sizes

    I'm confused about my file size. When I highlight my downloads and click on properties it says 3.1 terabytes. Yet my hard drive is only 1 terabyte. When I check properties of the C drive it says 389 gigabytes used of the available 1 terabyte. These downloads are all my music and movies that...
  5. B

    Hard Drive Error

    hey everyone, I was trying to install Linux Ubuntu from a bootable USB stick to my Laptop & I was prompted to create partitions for /home , /var , etc.. & select another few settings which i did. Unfortunately, my PC just froze during installation & wouldn't respond so i left it for some 2...
  6. S

    Solved Bootcamp

    I recently tried installing Windows 10 onto my MacBook Pro and I somehow messed up the process and now I have a bootcamp partition that will not open. I have tried to just restart but it only allows the setup assistant to run when there is only 1 partition on the hard drive. Can anyone help me...
  7. afactow123

    ASUS Partition Recovery

    Hello, I have recently received an ASUS A53SD-ES71 from a friend. He had formatted the laptop, he without thinking formatted dirve 0 which contains all the ASUS software that is necessary for the computer. He is unable to find the boot disk that should have been included. Upon hitting F9 there...
  8. C

    Hdd with partitioned Win7 to Ssd help!

    Hi guys I've just bought an ssd, I plan on installing the os on it etc. (as per usual) I currently have a 1tb hdd in my pc with Windows 7 installed on a separate partition, I have the os on the C: and everything else on the D: Is is possible to clone the C: to the ssd, rename os partition to...
  9. S

    Windows 7 hard drive partition has disappeared

    Hello, I have a 500 GB Toshiba hard drive which was working fine till morning but in the evening when I started my system one of my 5 partitions had disappeared. I checked the Disk Management tool and its not showing there too but I notice that the C: is now 195 GB. The screenshot is attached...
  10. E

    HELP Failed Ubuntu dual boot installation deleted windows

    Please help, I was trying to install ubuntu alongside windows 10 on my custom desktop. During installation I chose the "install ubuntu alongside windows 10 option". The next option was to select drive and allocate drive space. I chose the were Windows 10 was installed, and distributed the disk...
  11. somhrsh

    how to unpartition unallocated storage in windows 10

    i rectly created a partition for linux but i didn't use so went on to remove it again but something seems to be the issue and now i can't add it to my main drive. The unallocated space is blacked out and option for extending the volume is greyed out. any step by step process will be helpful...
  12. D

    No Bootable Device-Bricked Acer Laptop

    Hello all, This will be my first post on this forum. Having said that, please forgive any bluntness, ignorance, or failure to conform with community protocol. So, first of all, this whole conundrum was caused by my inability to control my curiosity- I bought a 17"Acer Predator a few months...
  13. J

    Recovery from missing partition

    Hey guys, im looking to do a factory reset from a recovery partition but win10 won't give me the option on default reset way. I'm pretty sure windows "lost the link" (don't know the specific problem) to that partition after formatting the partition where it was installed and reinstalled it. The...
  14. I

    Hard disk inaccessible

    Hello all! Figure I'd give it a shot here before I give up all hope. A few days ago my 2TB internal hard drive stopped being 'accessible' from within Windows (10). It would get listed in Explorer, however trying to browse the drive or right clicking on it would hang/freeze explorer. It's...
  15. T

    Solved Partition WD hdd while it is not empty

    Dear friends, I have a recertified WD hdd (1 TB/931.51 GB) with two partitions - C: (21.3 GB) and D: (910 GB,free space 802 GB), both NTFS filesystem. I want to create another partition from D: drive with space 20-25 GB, since that drive got lot of empty space. Do I need to empty the whole D...
  16. J

    Un-Partition a Hard Drive

    Hello, Not sure if this should be posted on the software or the hardware area. Recently built a new PC but have encountered a problem that I can not figure out regarding the partitions on the hard drive. It is a used hard drive that I got from my friend, but for some reason it has two...
  17. I

    Windows attempts to chkdsk a phantom Volume at every startup

    The question(s) of this post are the following: This Windows 8.1 installation is executing what appears to be a chkdsk on every boot, specifying the following message at boot: Scanning and Repairing \\?\Volume{4293f4d0-c749-11e6-88 This windows installation appears to register a Volume for...
  18. C

    Win10 boot folder and program files disappeared

    I did a clean install of Windows 10 on my new SSD for my Lenovo laptop like 4 months ago. And Windows 10 was working fine until I boot up my old Windows 8 that was still on my HDD. Then when I want to boot Win10 up it failed, and I find that all files and folder like Windows, Program Files...
  19. shardul

    How to install Windows on a laptop with pre installed Ubuntu

    My laptop has Ubuntu 14.04 and 1 TB hard disk. So I want to keep both Windows and Ubuntu with 100 GB allotted to Ubuntu and remaining to Windows.
  20. P

    Solved Partition problem

    Here is the deal: I bought a brand new laptop. It has Linux on it, but I wanted to install windows 10. I created a USB to install it. I reached the partition part, where I got issues. The machine has 4 partition: fat32 (500MB) fat32 (3GB) ext4 (920GB) linux-swap (7,79GB). So Win 10 needs 20 GB...