partitioned hard drive

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    Unable to Reset PC (partition nightmare)

    Hi, I have an Asus N series laptop with windows 8.1 installed that I bought in 2013. A while back I partitioned the drive for gaming but believe I corrupted some files that are essential to windows. So my plan was to factory reset back to original image. After backing up my files, I started the...
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    Resizing partition on dual config HDD

    I currently have XP and MX-16 in a dual boot configuration. The largest partition on the HDD contains XP and the smallest MX-16. I now need to make more room for MX-16 as I now use this as my main OS. I have 310 GB unused on the XP part of the drive and only 1.65 GB on the MX-16 partition...
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    Circle with Slash on startup screen

    I have a 2015 Mac book pro. I had a larger internal hard drive installed 1 year ago and had it partitioned and boot camped. The past year I have been able to use both windows system and the Mac system with no problems. Until recently, when my track pad and keyboard randomly become...