password recovery

  1. K

    Password Reset

    Hello, I forgot my laptop password. Can I get any help to reset it without loosing data? Specifications: Windows 10 - core i5 Intel processor Any help would be appreciated Thank you
  2. nkistenberg

    Mom forgot her password

    My mom has a cheap computer that she does her taxes on. She forgot her password and hasn't installed any of the recovery drives. I have an account on the computer but I'm not an admin. Sadly, I work with Linux so no amount of sudo-ing can get me through. please help!!!!!!!!! I need to reset her...
  3. Margo12

    Access 2010 Database Password Recovery

    I used to have a program called Password Retrieval Lite, or something like that, that would expose the passwords on .mdb databases but I haven't located one that a can expose .accdb files. I have some old databases that I had on a back up drive that I can't remember their passwords and am not...