1. T

    Google says 16 accounts have passwd breaches

    I apologize, in advance, for asking about resolving password breaches (I should know the answer)! Running Windows 7 Pro on laptop and using latest version of Norton as security. I use Google as my browser and they've advised that 16 of the sites (with passwords stored in Google) have been...
  2. M

    Administrator password

    I have a old dell latitude d600. I forgot the admin password and I have been all over the internet trying everything to be able to reset it with no luck or help. What can I do? I really need to get back into the system!
  3. B

    Question about Passwords between desktop and an Ipad

    I have a desktop computer and an Ipad connected by a router. I recently changed the desktop password, does that affect the password for the Ipad as well? Are they normally connected in any way? I hope this is not a stupid question
  4. brovic

    Solved Forgotten document passwords

    Hello, I am running Win 7 Ultimate SP1 32 bit with Office 2007 Enterprise. I have a number of old Word documents which I encrypted and have forgotten the Password. I have tried all number of Password combinations which I may have used but to no avail. I have spent countless hours searching the...