1. C

    My left arrow and right arrow keys are giving me "0" and "p"

    Can someone tell me why my right and left arrow keys are giving me 0 and p? And then when the left arrow gives me p it moves the cursor back a space?
  2. M

    Stuck in Automatic Repair Mode

    My HP Pavillion g6 windows 10 laptop was left on the other day while i was out , i thought i closed the lid but due to a faulty hunge it stayed open and may have overheated laying on my bed. Upon coming home i noticed it was still on and i just shut it down and unplugged it. This morning i...
  3. utmisra

    Laptop Fan noisy and spins constantly, PC warmer than normal

    Hi I'm using an HP Pavillion notebook Intel Core i5-3230M with Windows 10.1. I haven't installed any new hardware or software recently. But the fan has been suddenly spinning excessively and making a lot of noise. The laptop is also warmer than usual. I want to try other solutions before...