pc boot up issues

  1. A

    New cpu fan, no boot or signal

    I have a i7 10700k, rtx 2060, B460m motherboard. Was running my setup with the stock intel cpu cooler. Was running fine. Put in a new 120mm cpu cooler with 5 heat sink pipes. Installed it by taking apart my motherboard. Put everything back in correctly. When I try to boot the fan starts...
  2. NebuIa

    No Monitor display

    Hello, I have had a problem for quite awhile where I cant get my PC to display anything to my monitor. it isn't a problem with my monitor or cord as both work perfectly fine with my other desktop. A few things I have done internally so far is moving the RAM to different slots and removing them...
  3. yespey

    Stuck on black loading screen

    my pc i finally found it inmym attic and i turn it on and it works but stuck on this black loading screen i fix it and says your windows didnt start up correct i did startup repair and it wont work. someone please help me
  4. Kingrahrah

    Cd bootable issues

    My laptop says no partition bootable what do I do I'm trying to install windows from cd the cd is set first like it's supposed to be but my guess it's trying to use the hard drive even though the cd is set first I tried everything is it the bios or the hard drive the cd is bootable I bought the...
  5. 4ng13

    PC restarts randomly and without warning

    So I built a PC around a month ago, I'll leave my specs below. The procedure went well and it was working great until recently. Without warning, the pc would restart (the windows restart screen wouldn't even show, it would just shut down) and sometimes when I resume work, I'd notice some...
  6. A

    Pc won’t maintain WiFi connection after outages

    About a day ago I had a power outage that lasted around 2 hours, the whole time my pc was connected to an apc, not in use though because WiFi was out aswell. Today when I attempt to connect to WiFi my pc connects for a matter of minutes before dropping the network, I’ve tried restarting my...
  7. M

    Pc not booting up (No Display)

    Hello i need some help my pc has suddendly started boot looping and i immediately thought maybe it was the power supply. So i bought a new one and it still doesn’t boot (there’s also no display) so then i went and bought a new motherboard maybe something was wrong with that still nope, but there...
  8. Zpax

    Pc not booting

    Hello. I got an AMD Ryzen computer and i was on ryzen Master and put on the gaming profile and now my computer doesent boot? The lights on the pc turn on for a few seconds then it shuts off and turns on in a loop that goes on forever the monitors doesent light up and pressing shift + f8 doesent...
  9. Maci0x

    PC freezed and now it wont boot up.

    Hello, as title says my pc randomly freezed and now i cannot boot it up. No video signal no sounds. Fans start working but nothing more than that. I have this computer since 2016 ( end of august). It is the first time it happend. I tried unplugging 8 pin connector from mobo but nothing. It...
  10. castaway

    My Pc Shut Off and is asking for Reboot

    I built this computer about 2 months ago and it’s been working perfectly fine and today I’m playing a game and switch to my discord and my pc just froze and then the screen went black and now it’s asking a for “reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media”, please someone help, I...
  11. J

    Error lights on motherboard light up but pc does boot

    Hello all I am new here as I really need help with an issue I have. The issue is that my motherboard has these error lights that come on but my pc does boot. It takes like 40 seconds even with an ssd. I have changed my motherboard but the issue still occurs. Any response will be greatly...
  12. L7kemckenna

    PC crashing completely turning off randomly

    Hello, just wondering if anyone could help me with something, so I built a new pc out of the parts I bought online, specifically a i3 2120 with a gt 1030 and a motherboard that has socket 1155, with 8gb of ram that came with the motherboard. The problem is when I boot the pc with my harddrive...
  13. Williamh11

    PC won't turn on - Power surge

    My electricity was turned off and on. And now my Pc won't start. What is the most likely component that has broken
  14. RaphaelSoliman

    My pc won’t boot or post

    Hello, I decided to take my ram, I have one 8gb stick, and when I reseated it, the pc didn’t boot or post at all. I have an Asus prime a320mk, and a ryzen 3 1200 cpu, as well as a gtx 970. The ram is one stick of 8gb, ddr4, 2400mhz. Please help! I tried resetting the cmos by removing the battery...
  15. C

    Flickering Screen

    I just got my new pc today and as soon as I managed to get a connection from the hdmi the screen was flickering, I have tried resetting the pc, new monitor, different cable and even using a different source but anytime I try a different source it says no signal :( it is a MSI Infinite Intel...
  16. R

    PC issue:no signal won't start, red led light on motherboard

    I need help fixing my computer i have a msi b350 tomahawk motherboard and a geforce 2600 graphics card. No signal to my monitors and i have red led lights blinking on motherboard one says cpu and another says via. I built the computer myself haven't used it in 2 weeks and got home and wouldnt...
  17. D

    Boot issue since windows 10 Update

    Hello, I have a Acer Veriton Desktop that was originally windows 7. I recently updated to windows 10, which was a legitimate software update provided by Microsoft. Since i updated it was working fine, Until I installed a driver for a wireless USB Dual Band wifi adapter (Because there was no...
  18. E

    My pc wont connect to my monitor

    So i recently built my first gaming pc. The pc was working fine for about 2 months but out of nowhere it started to disconnect from my monitor for some reason. It had been doing this for about a week when it stopped connecting completely. The mother board is getting power from the power supply...
  19. C

    Bent cpu pins

    I have an AMD Ryzen 5 2600 cpu and about 10 pins are bent to where they are not going into the pin holes, will this prevent my computer from starting up?
  20. H

    Solved Changing CPU

    Hello, I have recently purchased an I5 - 7500 3.4ghz CPU. I currently have an I3 - 6100 3.7ghz CPU. I put my new CPU in and nothing but fans and lights worked, I then put my old I3 back in and everything was fine again. My motherboard is an Asus H110M-A. Should it work with this and if so is...