pc crash

  1. B

    Computer crashing after installing a different GPU

    Recently I bought a GPU, Radeon RX Vega 64 8GB HBM2, off of ebay who seller looked reliable to replace my old one. My old PC set up had a XFX 580 GPU and after only a couple hours of the PC being on games would start having a glitching problem, as in everything on screen would pause for less...
  2. W

    Solved USB drive shutting off my pc

    Hi, I have a Windows 10. I started a new job and was sent a Secure Workspace via USB. Initially, the drive worked once and I was able to see the loaded programs, however, it has not worked since. Now when I boot the using F12 and selecting UEFI , it loads I am able to login on but then the...
  3. D

    Windows PC keeps hard crashing

    Hi guys really praying for some help here -- I am running windows 10. I use many different photo and video editors. Recently there was an upgrade for Affinity Photo from 1.8.2 (at which point the world was OK) to 1.8.3 - I updated to the latest version, now and anywhere between 5 seconds and 5...
  4. S

    pc freeze then emits a high pitched noise and then bsod

    About a month or two ago I did my first custom build. Specs: ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Machine Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd. - Z390 AORUS ULTRA Operating System Microsoft Windows 10 Pro (64-bit) Memory...
  5. G

    Pc crashes

    I reset the CMOS on my motherboard and after that my pc was crashing randomly.. So i formated it download drivers and i run heaven benchmark at ultra settings an it was fine! But after half hour of gaming it crashed again and again... The only thing that i change to my pc was that i replaced the...
  6. D

    Need help with my lenovo y900-34

    So today i tried turnkng on my pc and a message appeared on my screen (Disk scanning, press any key to skip(5)). So i didnt skip and it took way to long so i turned off my pc. When i turned it on again nothing appeared on my steam and it started beeping 3 short beeps and 1 longer beep. I need...
  7. C

    PC Keeps Restarting

    Hey everyone. So before i start with the Problem, i had a FX 4100 and overclocked it to 4,2 GHz. I had no problems with it. Everything was fine. Now i upgraded to a FX 8350 and im trying to Overclock it to 4,2 GHz aswell. The Problem: It aint working. Everytime i go above 3,6 GHz, it just wont...
  8. Masmin403

    Computer Randomly Restarts and/or Loses TV Connection

    I've been having problems with my pc lately. My pc randomly loses connection feed to to my tv then will restart a few seconds after OR my pc will turn off randomly and will not turn on unless I re-plug in my power to the wall. I know it's not due to over heating or fan malfunction. My computer...
  9. J

    PC Starts Then Suddenly Stops

    I am currently having an issue where my PC suddenly starts, and then stops booting up. The Monitor screen does not turn on when it starts either, but everything seems to be working correctly. Everything turns on as expected, but then my PC just stops running after about 1.5 seconds, and then...
  10. D

    PC Freezes and Buzzes When Playing Games

    My pc only recently started to do this. It just freezes and buzzes a few minutes into playing my game. The pc needs to be hard reset as nothing else will work. I've tried reinstalling all my nvidia drivers. Updated windows 10. Turned my power settings from 100% to 80% then to 60%. I've turned...
  11. gameerik

    need help!!!

    Hello! A 2L bottle of water just hit my pc , fell from the desk, the water didn’t spill but my hdd light is not on.I can turn on and off the pc but the keyboard, mouse, monitor show 0 activity, i think something might not be connected properly , but i never assembled a PC so idk what to do
  12. D

    Gaming PC keeps crashing (Bluescreen)

    Hello, So i am a avid gamer as probably many of you and i have encountered a big problem for the first time with my PC. I was playing a game and the PC just suddenly crashed for the first time. Now when i try to play games it keeps crashing (blue-screen) or it closes the games or other...