pc help

  1. Mo12323

    Newly built PC Boot Loop Problem

    Hi! my name is Mo and Ive been trying to solve this problem all day and I have not been able to fix it thus the reason I am here. I built my first pc around 3 days ago and it was working fine for the most part, until today where my pc randomly restarted and went into a boot loop. The pc would...
  2. swampyyyy

    Cpu fan won’t spin and bios says cant find device

    AMD fan won’t spin but it lights up and pc after turning on says Can’t find device anyone that lease help
  3. yfnsin23

    First rig won't POST

    I've just built my first rig, however, I can't get it to boot whatsoever. I double checked my wiring, and had someone more experienced check it again to confirm there's no issue there. All the fans and LED strips light up, except for the CPU fan (even though it's plugged into the right spot). I...
  4. NigelThrockhard

    My pc issues

    I didn’t really know where to post this considering this is my first time actually reaching out for help, I bought my pc around Christmas for 900$, pre built, pre used and has fairly new hardware. Right off the bat had to reinstall windows 10 because it kept trying to restart and wouldn’t come...
  5. T

    In Progress Error

    iam getthing this error message can anyone please help me
  6. D

    Solved Can Anyone Tell Me What's Wrong with my Setup?

    Can anybody tell me what’s wrong with my setup I’ve tried replacing most of the parts and tested the power supply When I tried a different motherboard with a light on it it flashed but never turned on I’ve tried doing some research but can’t find what’s going wrong Any help would be appreciated
  7. G

    Mystery of the blank monitor

    I have finished building a computer but I cannot get a signal on my monitor, easy enough right? Nope. I have replaced GPU, CPU, mobo, HDMI, and I triple checked all plugs are in and tight everything is getting power. But sadly my monitor refuses to even recognize a computer is even on. I've...
  8. M

    PC stuck on this screen...

    My Pc can turn on and load, but gets stuck on this screen, with a blinking cursor and nothing else happens. Anyone got any solutions?
  9. J

    Pc turns on then off 5 seconds later

    My pc keeps turning off every time I turn it on. I've been trouble shooting for the past 2 weeks and can't figure it out. When I unplug cpu power it stays on and when I take ram out it stays on. I've cleared cmos, gotten a new psu and it's still not fixed and idk what to do
  10. Willibab

    Solved PC Freezing / Not Booting

    Just bought a new PC https://www.komplett.no/product/1022125?noredirect=true# When i turned it on for the first time it wouldn't boot, the fan and GPU lights went on and then off immediately and then repeated that until i turned it off. After some testing i found out removing a RAM card fixed...
  11. L


    So around a year ago, I bought the cybertron trooper pc. Since then I replaced the power supply, graphics card, and CPU. But 3 days after the CPU was installed the pc would crash and show the blue screen of death after 5 minutes or so of being on it. However the blue screen rarely comes if I'm...
  12. G

    Need Help! Hard Drive Failure!

    Today I was downloading some games from steam and my pc went to my bios and then my hard drive wasn't being detected. I checked if all the cables were plugged in and intact and everything seemed fine. There is no physical damage to my hard drive or the cables. I don't know what happened or how...
  13. S

    External hard drive not detecting

    Hello, System - Windows 7, 32 bit, Kaspersky total security Problem with external hard drives. 1. Toshiba 2b hard drive is not recognizing by my PC if recognizing hardly creating tik tik sound and disturbances in file transfer (no transfer). 2. WD 2tb hard drive is recognizing but...
  14. T

    In Progress Malwrare infected pc

    Hello, I am mostly sure my pc has been infected from malware. I scanned my pc with Microsoft Security Essentials and didn't find anything. Did the same with Malwarebytes and found 39 threats but I think that there is still malware in my pc. When I boot it cmd pops up and then closes.In the task...
  15. A

    Tower Problem

    While using my PC my tower shut down my monitor is working and displays No Signal on it but the tower is off and the power button does nothing everything's plugged in and the electricity is working fine. What's wrong with it? It's a bought computer not made.
  16. C

    Solved Excel cannot complete this task with available resources

    So we have been having this issue with one of our company PC's. This issue has been happening on and off for the past 3 months, we have tried multiple things to try and fix this issue. We have tried: Repairing Office Uninstalled/Reinstalled Office Changed PC Installed office 64bit instead of...
  17. I

    What is wrong with this pc,and how do i fix it?

    Hello, I have this cpu and when i plug everything up correctly it wont boot up..What is wrong with it?
  18. J

    Windows 10 admin

    I have a Windows 10 desktop and I bought it from another person... It works well but does not let me download or update anything and I don't have any USB or CD to make a recovery and I don't wana spend 100$ for a recovery disc any idea how I can erase admin or a trick to bypass it