pc not booting

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    Pc sort of not booting

    this is weird as it has never happened to me before. I was playing games on my pc when suddenly the internet cuts out (however on all other devices the internet was fine. So i thought that the dongle was broken. I used another one from a different pc in my household, still nothing. I resort to...
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    PC not launching sometimes

    So after a year from building my PC, suddenly the PC isn't working , lights of the motherboard and RAM turn on when I press the start button ,but no sound no fans (all) are working and obviously no picture no bios nothing The PC will work suddenly after trying over and over again and as long as...
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    I have built a new pc it powers on with led lights

    So i built this pc and it turns on the fans spin also cpu fan spins but there isnt any picture going through to my monitor im nit sure what type of problem this is as its my first pc build but i have a feeling its because i turned the pc on when i first built it but turned it off a couple of...
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    Pc No video output or beep when booting

    I have recently built this PC which has ryzen 2200g with an rx570. It has a 500w power supply abd 8gb crucial ram ddr4 . The PC before kept shutting down unexpectedly while playing games. So I though it was the graphics card and returned it which was initially a gtx 1050ti. I then swapped...
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    Moved PC cases, and now PC not booting!

    Hi, I recently switched my PC cases from a old bad Work PC case to a new NZXT s340! When i switched everything over and tried to turn it on the only thing that turns on is the motherboard lights? I know the problem is not the power supply as i just bought a new for the move. I would really...